Garden Songbirds?

Garden Songbirds?

We Are In Dire Need OF ‘Garden’ – “Songbirds.” They Consume Billions Of ALL ‘OUR’ Unwanted — Slugs Snails Creepy Crawly Bugs Beetles Caterpillars Aphids Spiders Gnats AND ALL OUR Leather Jacket INSECT PESTS – AND ALSO THE – Moths, Flies, ON AND ON Etc; Etc – AND OF CAUSE –

Eating and clearing up all ‘our’ unwanted flies, moths, beetles and a myriad of creepy crawlies…

Many adults today really don’t know or have never seen a Songbird – Let alone ‘children’ and are always asking “what is a songbird!”
Maybe you know them then as ‘Garden Birds.’

Were obligated to help them in their plight like the bees. All our fault Our Sublime stupid ‘Folly.’ Tragically dyeing off – ‘WHAT A DREADFUL WASTE !’

This website is here to make a wider range of people aware of the dwindling numbers of Songbirds due to predation (killing) from other birds, animals.

“Songbirds such as larks blackbirds linnets finches thrushes pipits wrens redstarts tits warblers wagtails skylarks woodlarks are just some of over a hundred different species that were once a beautiful part of nature.”
Adding to nature’s and our own wonderful soundscape.

Photos: ‘One of 5 Dead Blackbird chicks all killed by one magpie.’

View: Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB! ‘One’ wiped us out Killing – 5 baby Blackbirds – Every Year The Same!

1954: The RSPB placed protection on the sparrowhawk. Tragically showing  alarming denial for then the last 40 years! Forever evading the truth of this hawks outright killing on Sparrow and Garden Songbird numbers ever since.

(RSPB) Royal Society Protection of Birds. Their deliberate denial forever evading the truth of predation (killing) on all of these birds and sparrows under threat. Amongst many other species.

From – Predators such as magpies, sparrowhawks, grey-squirrel infestation, cats.

All hawks, crows, jays, herring gulls, falcons, red kites, owls, woodpeckers, rats, etc.
“The list seems endless from photographic proof.”

Predation ‘k
illing’ Bullies – Is tragically a major problem for Songbirds in Britain. And –
Throughout the world.

Far too many countries are ‘Catching – Killing – Eating’ many of our ‘own’ Garden Songbirds!

We need Garden Birds like we need ‘bees’ one pair of blue tits alone take and need 15 thousand insects grubs bugs spiders a season.

Slug pellets Poison sprays: Kill ‘our’ unwanted insect slug bug beetles and a myriad of creepy crawlies then songbirds eat these and to feed their chicks. 
Yet more garden songbirds dead this time wiped out by us.

Remember: If insect bugs have been sprayed or slug pellets used to eradicate flies moths caterpillars snails aphids spiders leather jackets plus all manner of natures biodiversity ‘our pests’ those poison sprays pellets will then kill off the whole blackbird robin wren or any other songbird family!

“Garden birds cannot fight back! Destined to become extinct.” – Is that what the RSPB – want…?

2010: RSPB – Are acting more entrenched than ever. Sparrowhawks killed all our sparrows. With magpies killing two pairs of blackbirds in our backyard. Wiping the area out  Too long ago. Do the RSPB along with their billions care?

‘This hawk with an 6+ wing span flies with such lightning speed ripping them apart each time scaring the sheer wits out of people.’

“Being left with all the blood gore and mass of feathers just everywhere to clean up. Nothing ever left alive dead sparrows and songbirds each and every time. That it’s utterly tragic! To have to accept. To have to endure time after time?…”

MPs: Write ask for- ‘Legislation to make Councils keep down scavengers predator numbers.’

Cite ‘Recent’ – 2010 Independent research proving RSPB legislation on raptors has to change. And – When? Protest. It’s sparrows which need ‘protection.’

2010: Hyde Park count ‘zero’ like most areas! Who has any ‘sense’ any more – The RSPB?
Today their stance is ever more tragic they should be truly ashamed of the present day loss of every one of our sparrow and songbird numbers!

Nature and ‘leave it to nature’ has never existed. Mankind has interfered and dictated for all time and must continue now as we have created this chronic ‘imbalance’ against those species unable to adapt or compete and tragically to even be allowed to survive for much longer.


‘Tiny Songbirds and Warblers weighing only a few grams – How do they manage to navigate such huge distances.’

To find their way along a compass bearing direction. Being able to detect earths magnetic field?
Somehow experiencing different sensation when facing north or south. Even when the tiny songbirds reach their destination they rely only on memory of visual landmarks to guild them.
Songbirds unrecognised abilities and complex aspects of migration.

We have to appreciate them ‘Songbirds and their behaviour ever more. “Awe-inspiring mysterious even to our human understanding.”

Elbert Hubbard “Genius may have its limits but stupidity is not thus capped…” – ‘The Twilight of  ‘our’ Songbirds.’

*SO WHO ARE – Our own and songbirds only hope? As it doesn’t pay anyone to keep ever increasing – ‘Predator Scavenger numbers down.’
Forever their killing of all other species. That their own numbers desperately need to be culled.

Gandhi wrote – “The morality of a country is judged by the way it treats its animals.”
Then we should think carefully about the way we are treating ours. Our wildlife and especially our wildlife that is just hanging on.
‘All those species unable to adapt cope or compete.’ To be able to survive to have a future without predation?

Only those species unable to adapt cope or compete need our help our money and – ‘Protection.’

Write to the Patron of the RSPB the Queen: State it’s long overdue. To take legal protection for raptors ‘hawks’ off RSPB list. To start ‘saving’ sparrows and songbirds thats what their members have paid the RSPB to do. Isnt  it – ? Before they have ALL been killed off by – Predators!

Stop ‘wildlife’ centres releasing back forever more healthy predators scavengers. This against their more dead delicate songbirds. Because of our sublime folly were protecting only the able!  What about all the species ‘unable to adapt cope or compete.’ That die?

Because of our choice’ – To become EXTINCT?

Few cat owners care that the small bird taken by their cat translates into an immense number when multiplied by the national cat population of 14 million; London alone has 1.5 million. Age span of cats in the last 40 years is up from 8 to 22+ years. Cats kill 45% of songbirds.

Cats speed 30-40mph same as racehorse deer bear white rhino!

“Killing 100 million garden birds small mammals every year” – That’s without wild cat numbers!

In an area their numbers hugely exceed that which could be supported naturally. Responsible owner awareness desperately needed as cat predation on songbirds –
Must be addressed. For many owners it’s outright denial!

It’s true provide toys give cats more attention it helps reduce boredom. Prevent cats hunting songbirds this is never for food but purely recreational. Fit SonicAlert Cat collars. Add bells!
2005: USA. ‘Spent several billions every year on cat food (more than on baby food) doubling every decade.’

“We started this site with true sadness and passion to try and help towards – Saving tragically the dying off of songbirds! In my lifetime I’ve become sick of forever hearing ‘you don’t see them like you used to’ whenever the dire lack of songbirds and sparrows are mentioned.”

Always to reasons why? And tons of excuses. That our gardens all our parks squares open spaces are bereft of beautiful songbirds and their song.
Their help that ‘we’ desperately need just like the many lost bees! Contribute your help and money. While you can before there is nothing left!

It doesn’t pay anyone to keep ever increasing predator scavenger numbers down. Forever their killing of all other species that their own numbers desperately need to be culled.

“To accept anything else as normal and ‘nature’ is delusional. British ‘wildlife’ has been permanently allowed to become only predators and scavengers!”

Click on ‘Footage’ to witness the savagery to which these beautiful Songbirds become victims. The videos are alarming. Many may find them disturbing, but hopefully they will spur you on to take action. We are in dire need of Songbirds they eat billions of our insects bug slug aphid pests.

Were obligated to help them in their plight NOW like the bees. All our fault Our sublime stupid ‘Folly.’ Think care – Help. Do something?

*Get in touch joining only grass root charities doing – 2012 ‘Scientific Research.’
Our Lost Garden Songbirds and Sparrows and ‘our’ only hope left…

Songbird-Survival: Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust:  British Trust for Ornithology:

“We Are in Dire Need of Garden Songbirds” – SO? Why ‘ARE THERE’ == Less Songbirds…?

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