Garden Songbirds “Millions Killed & Eaten” – By ‘Carnivorous’ GREY-Squirrels “GET ‘People’ & Councils to ‘CULL’ NOT Cultivate” them-

Garden Songbirds “Millions Killed & Eaten” – By ‘Carnivorous’ GREY-Squirrels “GET ‘People’ & Councils to ‘CULL’ NOT Cultivate” them-

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‘Predatory Grey-Squirrels Should be Culled Not Cultivated’ Predator & Scavenger
Grey-Squirrel ‘PESTS.’ Deplorably THEY ALL ‘EAT’ LIVE Garden Songbirds…

Main Photo - Grey-Squirrel Eating a ‘Live’ Songbird - Go View: Live at ‘Footage’ -

“This week saw our very own London UK ‘Songbird’ published in the Ham & High newspaper!” – This is great news for Songbird lovers everywhere as this opens our cause up to a much wider audience – 23rd July 2010

To – Note the disgusting state of LOSS – For All of ‘our’ Declining Garden Songbirds And – ‘Their future Extinction ?’

The published letter was in response to a grey-squirrel-lover who had their facts sorely wrong… - Full article below: An extract stated -

‘‘Maligned grey squirrels’ (H&H 16/7/10) “This ridiculous law introduced in 1937 even makes the daft claim that grey squirrels eat young birds. Really?

Since when did grey squirrels become carnivorous and would not one invite ridicule if such a preposterous claim was to be made?’’ – Below…

Our Response: ‘Grey Squirrels’ - H&H 22 July 2010 - SUPPORT - – - ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” 

‘Predatory Grey Squirrels should be Culled Instead of Cultivated’ - “Millions of Garden Birds Killed and Eaten!” – No ‘it’ Never Has Been – ‘Preposterous.’
See Carnivorous grey squirrels for yourselves at – Live ‘footage’ – Being available for many years.

“For over forty years I’ve watched grey squirrels comb hedges and trees for nests, catching small birds in their mouths eating adults and hatchlings, taking and burying eggs under leaves and with so many greys around today rarely do any songbird nest survive.”

Humans are indeed to blame because of their sentimentality, political correctness and supreme ignorance. Stop Disneyfication of this brute. Grey squirrels are much larger, more aggressive; 70% carry the parapox virus that doesn’t affect them but kills the red squirrel causing a myxomatosis-like death.
For anything to interest us and in order to survive these days a species must be cuddly glamorous, large, aggressive and televisual.

Research showed that they ‘wiped out 85% of Songbirdsas their numbers soared.

There is no room for complacency about the damage being wrecked by grey-squirrels and their population being allowed to spiral out of control. With many other species now threatened with extinction they are a tap dripping out a noxious substance.

View: Grey-Squirrels ‘Eat’ – ALL ‘Live’ Songbirds! – Witness one ‘Sparrow!’ “Scandalous ‘Sparrows’ – Crashed to Zero in UK!”

View: “Save Songbirds? Before its ALL ‘Too Late!’ Spread the Word – Inform ‘Everyone’ – And – The World!”

‘This has gone on since 1879 when first bought into Britain.’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS.”

Photo: ‘Red’ Squirrel

2005: In The Historic Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, ‘20,000’ Grey Squirrels Were Counted And The Wood Was In Jeopardy – As Many Of Their Ancient Oaks, Beech And Chestnut Trees Were Striped Bare.

‘The Forestry Commission said the forest was teetering – On the edge of a crisis.’ Greys strip bark from trees for the sugary sap and to show domination over other males; if the greys strip bark from around the circumference of the tree it dies.

They target quick growing trees, within a few days stripping them.
They out compete the native reds for food feeding more at ground level and being able to digest acorns which the reds cannot.

USA 2001: In their rightful home they traditionally have a season to hunt and eat both the grey squirrel and the larger fox squirrel.
Shooting that year alone 85million.

“We are all now invaded with grey-squirrels, magpies, jays, crows, herring-gulls, thousands of sparrowhawks, red-kites, cats, rats, foxes; Etc.
Forever more of them – ‘scavengers and predators’ – Unchecked…?”

‘Brutish grey squirrels are one of the biggest threats to garden songbirds which are barely hanging on to survival against forever more predators and scavengers.’ Which councils don’t control or anyone ‘nowadays’ keeps down. So – ASK YOUR Council to ‘Cull’ them.

2007: The World Conservation Union included grey squirrels of worst 100 alien species in the wild. Lyme disease also known as borreliosis is caused by tick bites. Greys carry the tick also found on deer, livestock. Hooking into skin of humans, animals, pets. 

Sparrowhawks have wiped us out of our lost sparrows. Even the RSPB who gave this raptor – Legal Protection IN1954!’ Still refuse to start ‘saving’ garden songbirds. And in this day and age when ‘Songbird and Sparrow’ numbers have crashed to near ‘Zero’ – to take this protection off.

“From their billions in the bank, that’s what their 1.5million members of the RSPB expect them to be  – ‘saving’ – Songbirds. Isn’t it…?

Mick Hall says: 4 January, 2013 - I’ ll admit first of all that it was not me who saw it but my youngest son and I immediately asked him are you sure it was a definately a grey squirrel. Dad I definately know it was a grey squirrel. He was playing golf at Newark Notts when he heard a loud screeching from a bunker. There before him was a grey squirrel tugging at a rabbit by the eye socket.

I said if they will eat a rabbit then anything smaller would be attacked and yet the misinformed still are unaware of or perport to be unaware that greys are meat eaters. I would not think a red squirrel would stand a chance against a grey if there was a confrontation, after all red squirrels are seed eaters are they not and we all know what happens to veggitarians in the animal kingdom – usually they are prey to the meat eaters.

From Songbirds-Slaughter: 2013 January 4. Thank-you so much, for your own enlightened thoughts. So the more we can ALL speak the ‘truth’ about the breeding of the too many predators about; Which others who put their heads in the sand still refuse to believe finding it hard to grow-up. ‘We’ alone all have to speak out – To ‘HELP’ – Our Nearly “Extinct Garden Songbirds and Tragically – Far Too Many ‘other’ Species.”

Songbirds-Slaughter; View – Bird ‘tweets’ - Red Squirrels Adopt ‘Orphaned Related Pups’ 2001 – This “Intelligent Behaviour” – Imported Enemy-grey-squirrels!

Photo: ‘Red’ Squirrel.

“Female Red Squirrels Will Adopt Their Orphaned Relatives; ’20’ Years Of Research Proved This Intelligent Behaviour.”

“Asocial – Red’s live in complete isolation; only allowing another red squirrel onto their territory on the one day a year when the females are ready to mate or when nursing their pups.”

Cont: It’s been Songbirds that need protecting for the last 40 years! Songbirds kept down all our garden pests from slugs, snails, caterpillars, creepy crawlies plus a myriad of our unwanted insect pests.
“Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.”

People spray with too many poisons and use truly dreadful ‘slug pellets’ that then poisons songbirds that eat these dead pests.

‘One pair of blue tits alone need 15,000 insects a season to survive – These numbers of insects taken out compete with all our ‘spraying’ any day of the week, our costs and our shocking cost to songbirds!’

But ‘we’ are the poorer…



“In our wholly managed man made environment ‘nature’ has never had free reign. Sensible culling of grey-squirrels and all other out of control numbers of predators and scavengers is the only true answer left for the benefit of those species utterly unable to adapt cope or compete.”

‘Ridiculous…’ Truth is hard to take, like when we found out chimps do eat monkeys. Mankind (and your letter writer) are living in a fool’s paradise and only approach untouchable issues which are not vote-catching or human related until always – ‘It’s too late.’

They want merely to be titillated by animals and wildlife without further thought, leaving a bleakness bereft of any bird life or joyful song from the 80 plus songbirds that used to clear up all our own garden and countrywide insect pests. All this without spraying with any poisons…

2010: ‘The Forestry Commission estimates there are only 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain. With more than 5 million greys – a number which continues to rise.’ From those of us that still do think and care. So, do you H&H? – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS.”

Songbirds-Slaughter; View – Bird ‘tweets’ – Grey Squirrels – Imported Enemy Within ‘Red Squirrels Will Adopt’ – ‘Orphaned Related pups’ – 2001! 

Dead Songbirds” – GET Your Council to ‘Cull’ Britains ‘Predatory Grey-Squirrels – Should Be Culled ‘NOT’ Cultivated “Millions Of ‘Our’ Garden Birds Killed !” By – ‘Carnivorous Grey Squirrels…’

 Copyright © 2011 Songbirds Slaughter -


The original letter: H&H 15 July 2010 –  ‘Maligned grey squirrels need a new champion.’

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is spot on with regard to his comments on the law requiring one to report a grey squirrel in the garden.
This ridiculous law introduced by the Earl of Feversham in 1937 even makes the daft claim that grey squirrels eat young birds. Really?

Since when did grey squirrels become carnivorous and wouldn’t one invite ridicule if such a preposterous claim was to be made?

But absurd laws aside, the propaganda against grey squirrels is as bad as that waged against our Cockney sparrow upon its introduction to American shores about the same time as we had welcomed in the grey squirrel as a penchant to Victorian novelty. Surely a fair exchange of the indigenous species native to both countries.
British reaction then was lackadaisical compared to the lashings of vitriol our gregarious sparrow had to endure until its foremost protagonist; the Rev Henry Ward Beecher, unleashed a tirade against sparrow-hating ornithologist Elliot Coues in 1877.
No such champion exists for the grey squirrel and it has become a hunted creature across large swathes of Britain thanks largely to a tiny minority who, fed on misconception and misinformation, have developed a virulent antipathy to this adorable creature.
It’s a lamentable fact that the familiar sight of squirrel kittens cavorting playfully with each other in early spring in our parks and gardens has become a thing of the past with a dramatic drop in their numbers.
This is strong evidence that a rampant cull is underway without the knowledge or the consent of the general public even as remarkable tolerance exists for pitbulls and pigeons; the one a threat to life and limb the other the nemesis of the urban sparrow.

The decline in numbers of the indigenous red squirrels owes more to their being less able to adapt to the presence of man being innately and intrinsically more wild than grey squirrels although of the same genus. I have been fortunate in capturing on video the boundless joy exhibited by a grey squirrel kitten playing with snooker balls and would like to invite Ham & High readers to view this unique footage by googling ‘playful kitten’ on the internet.

It is a mere minute and 21 seconds in duration but truly entertaining as it beats all records for the smallest creature playing with a human.
Walter Roberts Henfield Close N19 —



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  1. alex says:

    Squirrels great overdue debate.BrewDogs adverts of a stuffed grey squirrel with a bottle of ale in its mouth is without any sentiment for once for this killing pest. Plus Budgens have also seen the truth of thios rat as now selling squirrel meat which tastes great as its so organic. Squirrel are pests and yet another reason why we dont have any songbirds left any more.
    They may look cute and cuddly but marauding greys are devasting thousands of songbirds and ranks alongside the domestic cat as the top killer of farmland birds.It has an insatiable appitite and if it comes across a chick or eggs, it gobbles them up.
    So come and live Mr Roberts where I do, ‘lifes’ not just your cosy enclave.
    Prof Roy Brown, of Birkbeck University of London said in 2006 ‘In areas of high grey squirrel density, more than 93% of smalll birds nests are being raided. ‘When this is combined with Sparrow hawk activity it can result in 100% of breeding failure’. This should serve as a wake up call to all those who do not believe or want to believe that squirrels are a majopr problem.’ Tragically today in 2010 Mr W Robets hasnt learnt a thing about other peoples problems re the ‘antics’ of squirrels or reads the newspapers. Alex Whetstone

  2. pam osrine says:

    I Heartily agree with all thats written in the paper which was all unknown to me, so my serious thank yous for trying to do something, as no one has it seems to me until now and to your letter writer please write more on urban issues and that we have NO wild life.
    That man must be a complete fool to ‘love’ pests’/ in todays world.

  3. Mike says:

    If you could let me know with a few suggestions on just how you made your blog look this excellent along with the knowledge your giving out to so many I dont misss it and would be grateful.

  4. john says:

    this site of yours i use so much for common sence information, just sorry that humans do put ourselves above nature that we have yet to find out will come back to haunt us and out kids

  5. henry green says:

    Man, really want to know how can you be that smart … Such great reading and learning, I’ve learnt SO much from you and will join the charity songbird-survival as the situation is so desperate as you say, indeed thanks.
    Listen up people ”join the charity as you will suffer pestilence for our future kids”

  6. Jenette says:

    Oh Great post. Incredibly helpful post amazing stuff thanx. I’ll get onto the RSPC Its all a travesty and we do nothing why why why lazy human beings?

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