Coal Tit –  “Were seen everywhere All woodland areas!” – Numbers of ‘Our little Coal Tit?’

Coal Tit – “Were seen everywhere All woodland areas!” – Numbers of ‘Our little Coal Tit?’

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Coal Tit

Like its tit cousins attracted to peanut feeders.
In winter they travel in flocks while searching for food.

“Were once a ‘common’ sight being seen everywhere and in our parks in towns cities and especially around woodland areas.”

Well-groomed appearance. Similar to blue tit though our tiny Coal Tit does have a white nape patch with a more subdued colour and has a minute narrower beak.

‘Beautiful marvellous high pitch song.’

Q: ‘Present day – Numbers’ – Of our minature lovely modest Coal Tit – ?

Collars Are the Cats whiskers
Few cat owners will appreciate that the occasional small bird or mammal taken by their cat translates into an immense number when multiplied by the national cat population of over nine million.

“In the last 40 years the age span of cats has increased from eight years to now well over 22+! Responsible owner awareness is desperate needed and cat predation (killing) of Songbirds must be properly addressed.”

Fitting SonicAlert cat collars brought 65 per cent fewer bird kills in 1999 trials. Cat owners must also provide more toys for their cats as they reduce boredom and may reduce hunting, which in the case of domestic cats is never for food, but purely recreational – ‘Unfortunately for our Songbirds!’

Cats speed 30-40mph same as racehorse deer bear white rhino!

“Killing 100 million Garden Birds small mammals every year.” That’s without wild cat numbers…!

In an area their numbers hugely exceed that which could be supported naturally. Responsible owner awareness desperately needed as cat predation on Songbirds –
Must be addressed. “For many owners it’s outright denial!”

It’s true provide toys give cats more attention it helps reduce boredom. Prevent cats hunting Songbirds this is never for food but purely recreational. Fit SonicAlert – Cat collars. Add bells! 2005 USA ‘spent several billions every year on cat food (more than on baby food) doubling every decade.’

Coal Tit –  “Were Seen Everywhere and All woodland Areas!” – Singing Beautiful Warbling Songs – ‘Any Recent Record’ – Of Our little Coal Tit?

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