DOLPHINS INTELLIGENCE ‘Second’ TO humans – WITH “Endearing Sociability” – REED WARBLER “YET ANOTHER” Cuckoo Species – “HOST…!”

DOLPHINS INTELLIGENCE ‘Second’ TO humans – WITH “Endearing Sociability” – REED WARBLER “YET ANOTHER” Cuckoo Species – “HOST…!”

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‘Along With Those Of Other Cetaceans’ – 

Relatively Enormous Cells – That Allow Rapid Communication Across The Brain And Play A Role  In
The Development Of Intelligent Behaviour.
2011 September 9th

Photos: Reed Warbler – “Unluckily – Cuckoo Host Species…”
Feeding ‘baby’ cuckoo…!

“This tragic time Reed Warblers spend feeding ‘Round the Clock’ a ‘baby’ cuckoo being tricked into believing she is the bird’s mother.”

Cuckoos have no maternal instincts the mother laid her eggs into the Reed Warblers nest to fool her into believing they were her offspring.

“The baby cuckoo then hatched disposed of the Reed Warblers real offspring by kicking her eggs out of the nest.”

It will then rely on its foster ‘mum’ for around 25 days. Over – Twice as long as the bird’s actual young chicks would!

“Nest an elaborate basketwork structure ensures ‘their’ eggs do not fall out even when winds heavily sway. Suspended between supporting reed stems.”

Cont: Only Humans Apes And Elephants Are Known To Have These Cells.’ They can convey complex ideas to one another because what we perceive as whistles is actually a complex multi-tonal form of speech. This has led to the conclusion that dolphins don’t whistle after all but instead produce sound by vibrating tissue in their nasal cavity in a similar fashion to our vibrating vocal cords.

‘Second only to humans?’ Aside from having an impressive EQ which places them just behind humans, dolphins exhibit other claims to mental fame. Various features of their neocortex are particularly well developed – this is the area of brain involved in higher-order thinking and in the processing of emotional information.

Playful inquisitiveness and gentle altruism demeanour – they even have a smile on their face. Human brain accounts for about 2 per cent of body mass. Humans have an EQ of 7.4. Second only to humans dolphin brains EQ of 5.6 are not just big but also complex.

“They have been seen to display human-like skills such as self-recognition-they recognise themselves when presented with a mirror.
They have been able to grasp symbol-based communication systems and are able to understand abstract concepts.”

Chimpanzees have an EQ of about 2.5. EQ is a measure of intelligence derived from brain to body mass ratio and other factors. They possess culture as certainly live long enough to 30-40 years for cultural transmission. Scientists have found that dolphin populations have their own unique dialects and that dolphins belonging to different groups can’t understand one another.
Also different populations come up with unique hunting strategies which they pass on.

“One Australian population has been seen using sponges as a tool to protect their beak while hunting for fish – mothers that use this strategy teach it to their children. Individual groups of dolphins of the same species have different solutions to their problems which are unique to them.”

‘By using a complex series of clicks and whistles whales and dolphins seem to possess language. Not only that but there is evidence that dolphins have names they use to differentiate individuals and even dialects or languages.’
These cannot be understood outside of their own group.

Dolphins ‘Intelligence Are ‘Second’ Only To Humans – And With Their Endearing Sociability – Makes The “Idea of Intelligence Attractive.”

Photo: Lesser-Whitethroat – “Catastrophic Dead 80%!”

Population crash during 1968-1969′ winter drought? 
It’s ‘Now’ (damn it) – 2011…! = AND NOW “2016…!…!”

“WHY HAS NOTHING EVER” – Been Done to ‘Help’ Them ?
Namely “Stopping!” – ‘Hunters and Poachers…?’ –

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction !’ 


Unique ‘Our fine pleasing diminutive’ Lesser-Whitethroat –

Unique: “Because they migrate all-round the eastern Mediterranean.
Than the more direct – Gibraltar route.”

Smaller Lesser-Whitethroat contrasts grey-brown back wing feathers, cheeks dark grey. Distinctive male ‘masked’ face. White outer tail feathers.

Autumn prominent darker male face mask highlighted by a pale eye area pinker tinge breast. Blackish bill grey-blue legs.

Different Song from Whitethroat – Quiet disjointed deep ringing quality warble. ‘Tacking’ call a rattling series of bursts of rhythmic gutsy lower pitched far-carrying notes.

Need: Invertebrate’s – Insects, beetles, flies, caterpillars. Autumn blackberries and elderberries.
Help: Mature hedgerows, dense bushes and more bushy thickets with taller scrub. Darling little Lesser-Whitethroat flying flitting from cover to cover.

All Warblers eat up all ‘our’ creepy crawly, bugs, flies. INSECT PESTS, etc. ‘Invertebrates.’
2002-2007 GREEN? 2011 Unknown. OR – ‘Extermination?’ We’ve made ‘hell’ on earth for Songbirds – Who Has Ever STOPPED TO HELP – Their Decline?

Abraham Lincoln “I Am In Favour Of Animal Rights As Well As Human Rights.” – ‘That Is The Way Of A Whole Human Being.’

Lesser-Whitethroat – Crash 1968-69; 2011? – ‘Dead 80%!’ – “Catastrophic !” – UTTERLY UNIQUE. ‘Migrates All Round Only Via Eastern Mediterranean – Than Going Direct Gibraltar!’ These Beautiful Tiny Little ‘Lesser’ Warblers. – Extinct WHEN?… Sob…

Reed Warbler Cuckoo Host Species ! – ‘Elaborate Basketwork Nest Ensures Their Eggs Do Not Fall Out’  “Garden Birds Cannot Fight Back… – Are They ALL – JUST ‘Destined’ To Become Extinct…?”

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