Stonechat – Were Obligated to ‘SAVE’ Them – “We’ Need Songbirds…” “The long wait for sense to prevail for – ‘conservation’ – in the UK!”

Stonechat – Were Obligated to ‘SAVE’ Them – “We’ Need Songbirds…” “The long wait for sense to prevail for – ‘conservation’ – in the UK!”

Written by songbirdsuk

Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB


‘Striking enjoyable serene dainty little black head wings tail.’

Orange – red chest mottled brown back, white sides neck wings rump.
Flicking tiny wings. In – Spring darker than Whinchats.

Alluring admirable loud call sounding like two stones tapped together.

Dancing liquid song and flight.
Help Stonechats: Autumn seeds and bushes for berries – 2011 July 22

They – ‘Need dense shrubs gorse to build their nest of grass moss.
Lined with hair wool and their own feathers.’

“Grassland and any open wasteland.”

Little tiny Stonechats? Morose Bleakness. Their Numbers Unknown!

‘‘We – Are in dire need of Garden Songbirds.”

They consume billions of our unwanted slugs snails creepy crawly leather jacket insects bugs beetles aphids gnats caterpillars spider pests.’

Their help we humans need in eating and clearing up all ‘our’ unwanted pests moths flies and a myriad of creepy crawlies we don’t want all without pellets or spraying out chemicals. And – “Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses…”

Were obligated to help them in this OUR – Senseless ‘indictment’ shame folly. Just like the bees.
Songbirds do so much for ‘us’ – Just like the Bees.

“Songbirds such as larks blackbirds linnets finches thrushes pipits wrens redstarts tits warblers wagtails skylarks woodlarks are just some of over a hundred different species that were once a beautiful part of nature. Adding to nature’s and our own wonderful soundscape.”

Roger Tory Peterson – “Garden Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we’ll soon be in trouble.”

‘The aim of this website is to make a wider range of people aware of dwindling numbers of Songbirds due to predation (killing) from other birds, animals.’

Note: Think of it? ‘If’ ALL dogs OR even cats or any species that – ‘attracts us.’ Were All Killed Off By – Other dominant aggressive birds or animals –
There would be an – Almighty ‘Uproar and Outrage’… So why – Just why this dreadful apathy regarding Songbirds? It – Really does Amaze ‘us!’

Lord Barber of Tilbury ex-chairman of the RSPB – “Elsewhere in many civilized countries limited sensitive culling of particular predators is regarded as an act of ‘conservation’ rather than in the eyes of the RSPB an intolerable outrage.”

Restoring a balance of species though population control has thus been made unthinkable, despite the fact that it would be sound conservational practice to do so. We’ve taken away any balance of nature we have to continue the balance of man.

“The long wait for sense to prevail for – ‘conservation’ – in the UK…!”

Stonechat – ‘We’ Need Garden Birds – ‘Eating billions of our slugs bugs insect pests’ – “Obligated to ‘Save’ them like our’ – Bees ? – Extinction…”

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