Whitethroat – GORGOUS “Distinctive Little White-Throat – Along With A Chestnut Mantle AND Pinkish Breast” – ‘1968’ Crashed – ‘DEAD’ 70%…! – WHO CARES ?

Whitethroat – GORGOUS “Distinctive Little White-Throat – Along With A Chestnut Mantle AND Pinkish Breast” – ‘1968’ Crashed – ‘DEAD’ 70%…! – WHO CARES ?

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GORGOUS – ‘Distinctive Little White-Throat’ With A Very Distinctive Manner Along With A LOVELY White-Throat – Chestnut Grey-Brown Mantle Pinkish Breast And Then A White Eye Ring AND Belly –
And Also – ‘Their Orange-Caramel Brown Wings.’

Darting Rapidly In And Out Of Cover –

‘Flicking And Cocking Their Long White Edged Tail.’

Male builds deep cup-shaped nest of grass roots wedged in shrubs female chooses and lines with hair down wool.
Photos: Male main Female left –

 Teeny Enjoyable Inquisitive Little Whitethroats HAVE AN Endearing Gusto Jolty Rhythm Singing – ALONG With Rapid Charring Calls.

“Populations crashed way back in 1968 – By 70%!”

2011: March: “Still only a fraction of their precrash level!” ‘Amber!’ – ‘IF ONLY’… Woefully Under our noses – Red – Dead.

Question: Really. These Amber – ‘Out of Date’ – Do Not Believe It Lists… Forever It’s Amber  Tactics – ‘Then they Stink!

Help Whitethroats: IN THE Breeding Season beetles insects caterpillars bugs. Summers-end berries fruit.

‘Were in dire need of Garden Birds they consume billions of our unwanted slug bug creepy crawly insect pests.’

Were obligated to help them in this OUR – Senseless ‘folly’ just like the bees. Songbirds do so much for ‘us’ – Just like the Bees.

“In our wholly managed man made environment ‘nature’ has never had free reign. Sensible culling of grey squirrels and all other out of control numbers of predators and scavengers is the only true answer left for the benefit of those species utterly unable to adapt cope or compete.”

Truth is hard to take, like when we found out chimps do eat monkeys – Mankind WE Are Living In A Fool’s Paradise And THEN Only Approach Certain ‘Untouchable’ Issues – Which Are Not – Vote-Catching – Or, Human Related – ‘Until’ Always – It’s Too Late…”

“They want merely to be titillated by animals and wildlife without further thought, leaving a bleakness bereft of any bird life or joyful song from the 80 plus songbirds that used to clear up all our own garden and countrywide insect pests –
All this without using pellets or spraying with poisons.”

2011 January 2: The Sun News – Field Birds At Record Low…’

“The UK’s farmland bird populations have fallen to a record low official figures showed yesterday. In England alone the numbers of 19 species which rely on farmland for food and breeding have dropped by more than half since 1970…!”

Tree sparrows, yellow wagtails, corn buntings, grey partridges, turtle doves, starlings are among the hardest hit. The Environmental Dept also said –

“The Number Of – ‘Woodland Birds’ – Has Fallen By A Third Since — ‘1970.’”

“Blackbirds, bullfinches and song thrushes HAVE Declined ALONG With willow tits, spotted flycatchers, tree pipits, and lesser spotted woodpeckers were ALL down by – More Than ’70’ Per Cent!”

Whitethroat – “Distinctive White-Throat Chestnut Mantle and A Pinkish Breast” – “1968” Crashed – ‘Dead’ 70%…! DOES – ‘ANYONE…’ CARE ? – IF ‘YOU’ DO – THEN ‘LET US’ KNOW… – BUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – “OR NOTHING WILL BE LEFT.”

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