Chaffinch – Pink breast cheeks blue-grey crown nape back chestnut white black “A striking visual feast” – “ARE THERE ‘MANY’ Chaffinches LEFT…” – IN Britain?

Chaffinch – Pink breast cheeks blue-grey crown nape back chestnut white black “A striking visual feast” – “ARE THERE ‘MANY’ Chaffinches LEFT…” – IN Britain?

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB


Male Chaffinch bewitching pink breast, cheeks with blue-grey crown, nape.
Chestnut brown black white back. A striking stunning visual feast.’

Summer bill is grey-blue turning to pale brown in winter.
Likes hopping under our hedges and bird tables – 2011 March 4th

‘Jocular energetic cheery tinkle singing with a variety of rich varied calls.’

Nest knitted together with spiders webs inside dense bush or tree.
One brood; 1.

Chaffinch singing between February – June used to be the sound of Spring. Loud splendid reverberant energetic, their song speeds up in a series of descending notes which ends on a flourish of three syllables.

Once caged and Britain’s pubs held Chaffinch – ‘song contests…!’

“Research has shown the brightly coloured male Chaffinch sing with different accents or dialects in different parts of the country.” 
Songs are basically similar but with subtle changes. A note is missed here or there or a high ‘kik’ note is added at the end.

‘They also have a familiar ‘pink-pink’ call which is easy to remember as their song matches the colour of their breast.’
Please – Retain dense bramble patches, and bushes for resting and  hiding – For ALL ‘Of our Songbirds’ – From Predators!

Help Chaffinches: Invertebrates; Caterpillars, tiny insects, larvae, spiders, flies, worms. Berries, fruit, elderberry. Your many twigs and leaves.

Britain: Chaffinch Numbers Are – Cheerlessly – ‘way down.’ Just Why Britain…! Are there ‘Any’ Chaffinches Left – ?

“We were once members of the RSPB – ‘For 35 years.’ But they don’t want to hear ‘truth’ from their members. Which we along with thousands have seen and are witness to. – Killing by sparrowhawks of ‘Sparrows’ – The RSPB gave the sparrowhawk legal ‘protection’ IN “1954”… Don’t ‘you’ Think –

RSPB – Accounts 2006 had £100 million of concerned members money for (we presume) ‘songbirds?’ Today  They Have Over One and Half Million Members; 

‘Only adding to songbird’s burden with RSPBs own love and protection of ‘raptors’ (hawks) and – “THEIR SPARROWHAWKS – THAT EAT OUR SPARROWS.” Having had protection – YES, “SINCE THE YEAR – 1954…!”

‘And Their Ill Thought Out Re-releases Of Raptors (HAWKS) Over Many Parts Of Britain.’

“RSPB sadly refuse to acknowledge anything that question an even playing field regarding ‘predation’ – Killing on Songbird and small mammal numbers that are utterly ‘unable’ to adapt cope or compete.” – Yet libraries allow All their RSPB videos books literature games cards; Etc.

Get in touch joining only grass root charities – Doing ‘Scientific 2013 Recent Research – FOR Songbirds and Sparrows and ‘our’ only hope left.
Check website regarding percentages of Songbird species and Sparrows now lost and ‘declined.’ – “DEAD.”

“Recent Accredited Facts From Expensive Surveys Of Songbird Numbers Taken By ‘Predators and Scavengers’ – That Britain’s Biggest charity ‘RSPB’ – “Alone Disproves AND Discredits On Their Own Outdated Research Figures…”

Note: The RSPB – “Having Never Ever Carried Out Such Research – INTO ‘Predation’ – ON Sparrow And Songbird Numbers.”
BUT – Questionmark – Why Ever Not…?

“Disregarding And Discrediting Grass Root Charities Surveys Is Detrimental To The Cause” –

Of Saving our Garden Songbirds. OR NOT – RSPB?’

Songbirds-Slaughter“Loss, Decline or DEAD under RSPB ‘control.’ Who ought to be truly ashamed of these figures.

For the sake of – ‘Few’ Songbirds in all our Towns and Cities – And everywhere beyond only in pockets. Everyone now does agree on this tragic decline making excuses only as to why.

View: RSPB Admits ‘No Research Predation!’ – ‘Conservationists’ taboo… Colossal Killing of Garden Birds!

2005 – On 10 February: ‘Defra Announced The Removal Of House Sparrows and Starling From General Licences ‘To Kill Or Take So called pest species of birds’ from (off) their register.’

“So how is it that we were writing to the RSPB having noticed the rapid decline of these and other bird species from all urban areas for – Over 25 years’ prior to 2005?” –
Especially The Loss Of Sparrows From Everyone’s Gardens Our Local Parks AND From All Our Major Built Up Towns AND Cities…?


“Garden Birds AND OUR LOST Sparrows Cannot Fight Back ‘ARE THEY ALL’ – Destined To Become Extinct?” – Is that what the RSPB – ‘WANT?’

Chaffinch – Pink breast cheeks blue-grey crown nape back chestnut white black “A striking visual feast!” – IN BRITAIN ARE THERE ‘ANY’ Chaffinches ‘LEFT…?’

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