Tree Pipit – ‘‘Huge falls recorded for our baby tree pipit” – Dead 75%! “Songbirds a ‘Miracle’ We may follow & strive to attain…”

Tree Pipit – ‘‘Huge falls recorded for our baby tree pipit” – Dead 75%! “Songbirds a ‘Miracle’ We may follow & strive to attain…”

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Tree Pipit=

2010: BTO ‘Huge falls have been recorded for our hearty little tree pipit.’ Brown streaked upper lovely pale tinged chest fine streaked flanks.
Similar to the Meadow Pipit with lighter legs.

‘Trilling rhythmic song and very different calls.’
Nests on ground in open areas.

Undergone Population ‘decline’ ie CRASH! LAST – 30 YEARS!
By 75%!

Help Tree Pipits:

Invertebrates-Caterpillars larvae spiders wood-lice flies worms, etc.

2004: ‘Amber!’ IF – ‘2012′ – YOU BELIEVE THIS Utter Amber ‘Rubbish!’

“Men’s evil manners live in brass; their virtues we write in water.”
Henry VIII Act 4 Scene 2…

Doug Coupland: – “Songbirds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer simpler state of being. Which we may follow and but strive to attain.”

Tree Pipit – 2010 BTO: ‘‘Huge falls have been recorded for our tree pipit.” Population Decline – ‘Last 30 years’ By 75%! RED – DEAD?

“Nature and ‘leave it to nature’ has never existed.” Mankind has interfered and dictated for all time. Now we must continue –
TO CORRECT all that we have thrown at and used up from – Nature. Having created this chronic – ‘Imbalance’ –

“Against those species unable to adapt cope or compete and tragically to even be allowed to survive for much longer!”

‘We are in dire need of  Songbirds they eat ’billions’ of our slugs snails bugs insect pests. Were obligated to help them in this our plight just like the bees!’ “We alone have caused this through our own sublime horrific folly with the RSPB legal ‘protection’ of sparrowhawks ‘Now since 1954…!”

Magpies: Destroy the nests and eat the eggs killing babies chicks young juveniles as well as adults of all our Garden Birds. It’s ALL of our Songbirds – Along with Blackbirds, Song & Mistle Thrushes, Robins, Tree Pipits, Crested tits, Long-tailed tits, Blue-tits, Grey & Yellow Wagtails; Etc, etc.
‘All’ of our songbirds which are so vulnerable to predation – “Killing!”

‘2006′: ‘Magpies must urgently be controlled’ – “For Songbird numbers to recover and to be able to breed in peace undisturbed by just far too many killing predators.” – ‘Before it’s all too late.’ Conservation bodies such as Songbird Survival and the Game Conservancy Trust warn that this is extremely serious looking at the whole future of our songbird species.

“Garden Birds present day numbers disastrously are all plummeting and are at their lowest levels for well over 40 years!”

Both House and Tree Sparrow their numbers are at zero in most areas. Being wiped out by ‘sparrow’ hawks and magpies. Two killing machines amongst far too many other – Predators.

But others including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). For those forty plus years stand idly by while this tragedy has happened. “Is daily happening – Seen and witnessed by thousands.”

And – Include all of us that do know whats going on and care.’ Now ‘we’ are having to fight back To Save Songbirds – ‘Extinction?’

Whether it’s through upsetting their RSPB members or other reasons; Income.
They will not endorse a sensible cull which IS –
A four letter word to ‘them.’
Instead of cull lets use the ‘nice’ but same word ‘conservation.’

Any takers – For the Truth. Regarding the Present Day – Dire Situation for ‘our’ Lost Songbirds? – A ‘Conservational-Cull?’

Scavengers – Predators the majority are already ‘saved’ by ‘Wildlife’ Centres!
‘As – They can survive on anything anywhere!’

Unlike those species – ‘Unable to adapt cope or compete.’

That Do Really Need our Help our Money – And Our ‘Protection!’

The RSPB argues that there is no scientific evidence’ to show that magpies are responsible for the decline in songbirds.


2010: ‘Independent Research.’ The Most ‘Recent’ Research Ever-

Carried Out By ‘Anyone’ – Least of all the RSPB! – ‘‘That disproved this outright.” But yet again the RSPB dismiss any and all available evidence.
Just what are they doing to justify such inaction to ‘save’ our Garden Songbirds – ?

View:  ‘Songbirds cannot fight back! God help whats left of our British Songbirds. Q: Who else will?

“The RSPB have Never carried out ‘ANY’ such valuable research on predation’? Why ever not; Yet know all the answers…?”

Apart from ever more Magpies witch’s cackle pitched rattling screeches. There’s caws of crows, screeching seagulls, parakeets, pigeons, grey-squirrels, hawks, etc, etc. British ‘wildlife!’ Has Now Been Permanently Allowed by ‘Them’ To Become ONLY Predators & Scavengers!
Their members then should be asking the RSPB what happens to their membership money. Add RSPB members guilt.’

‘Do we want ever more bird-less gardens with this long empty eerie bleak silence…?’

“Or do we want a dawn chorus of Songbirds greeting each summer’s morning? We need Garden Birds like we need ‘bees’ one pair of Blue tits alone take and need 15 thousand insects, grubs, bugs, spiders, pests, moths, flies, wood lice; Etc. – A Season !

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