Spotted Flycatcher – Dead 85%! Sickening & Scandalous… What then? ALL Songbirds – “TO BE DEAD AND – GONE?”

Spotted Flycatcher – Dead 85%! Sickening & Scandalous… What then? ALL Songbirds – “TO BE DEAD AND – GONE?”

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Spotted Flycatcher=

Minuscule Musical Tiny Songster. With Little – Spotted Females and Juveniles.
Bobbing out and about catching thousands of insects.

Flying from northern Europe these ‘minute grams’ of valued streaked twittering –
Arrival in May then – ‘They leave to fly all that way home again.’ By July-August.

2010 BTO – Numbers Down 85%! High on the ‘Red’ RSPB – Endangered list…!

Whats new? – SO – It Goes On and On – THEN WHAT – Extinction?

‘ALL’ – Songbirds – To BE DEAD & GONE?

2010 BTO: Spotted Flycatcher Numbers Are Down BY – 85%! So, What else can WE – say?
RSPB – Are ‘in charge…!’

Making SO Many Of Us – Shockingly SICK Of All of ‘You.’ For saying and doing absolutely – Nothing ‘About Songbirds Loss!’ – And Predation!

“To most it does not exist. When wewho keep our eyes open’ – Are ALL A Daily Witness!”

“We need Garden Songbirds like we need ‘bees’ one pair of blue tits alone take and need 15 thousand Insects grubs bugs spiders a season!”

George Orwell – “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough” –
‘He cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.’

Slug pellets Poison sprays: Kill ’our’ unwanted insect slug bug beetles and a myriad of creepy crawlies then songbirds eat these and to feed their chicks. 
Yet more garden songbirds dead wiped out this time by us. They – Songbirds cannot fight Back.

Remember: If insect bugs have been sprayed or slug pellets used to eradicate slugs snails aphids spiders leather jackets plus all manner of natures biodiversity ‘our pests.’ Those poison sprays pellets will then kill off the whole blackbird robin wren or any other songbird family!

Spotted Flycatcher – Dead 85%! – “What then ‘ALL’ Songbirds – To BE DEAD & GONE…?” – Scandalous – Garden Birds Sickening Sabotage!’

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