LONDON Blighted By Seagulls – “Seagulls ‘ARE’ Dangerous Pests” – ‘With NO Natural Predators…!’ Alarmed AND Irritated Residents…

LONDON Blighted By Seagulls – “Seagulls ‘ARE’ Dangerous Pests” – ‘With NO Natural Predators…!’ Alarmed AND Irritated Residents…

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Further To Bill Oddy – AND His ‘DEFENSE OF SEAGULLS.’

Am ‘I’ The Only Resident Of Belsize Park, London – Who IS Irritated – ‘And Alarmed – By Them?’ By (his) killing ‘Herring Gull’ – Seagulls.’
H & H Series: 2010 September 9th.

Having just moved to the area I find it very hard to get used to their loud cawing and screaming though out the day and much of the night. I’ve tried calling Camden pest control about it but they simply told me –
“They don’t ‘do’ seagulls.”

But These ARE Not Nice Birds. Seagulls Are A Dangerous Pest.
It’s not just the noise they are a flying health-and-safety hazard without any natural predator.

Like rats they both carry and spread disease and as they get bolder they can and do attack people with their hooked bills.

If You Live By The Sea That Might Be A Risk You’d Be Prepared To Take.
But If I Wanted Seagulls I’d Be Living In Brighton Not Belsize Park, LONDON.

‘Uncollected Refuse In The Borough May Offer Easier Pickings Than, The Ever-Dwindling Stocks Of – FISH IN OUR SEAS.’

But, Do We Really Want To Encourage This Evolution. Come on Camden pay for some hawks.
To A Natural City Dweller The Sound Of Traffic Is Just So Much More Soothing’.

– S Preeney, Haverstock Hill, London NW3

Seagulls Keep US Awake Too…! H&H – 2012 August 2nd.

It Is Not Only St Johns Villas Near Archway, LONDON ‘That Is Blighted By Seagulls’ – There Is A Very Noisy Colony In The Glenmore Road, AND THE – Howitt Road Area Of Belsize Park.
( “Noisy, Messy Seagulls ARE Driving Residents Crazy” – July 19th ).

I Often Hear Them Screeching At One Or Two In The Morning. WAY BEFORE ANY SONGBIRDS HAVE STARTED TO SING, And The Sleep-Defying Cacophony Continues Fortissimo Later As Well. Can Something Please Be Done – TO GET RID OF THESE PESTS. Just Try Asking Your Own Councils FOR Their HELP ‘with’ Seagulls. AND SEE…
But, Why Ever Not?
Julia Scott, Howitt Road, LONDON NW3

Photos: Firecrest=
Gorgeous jewel bronze-coloured patches fiery orange crown stripe stark contrasting black white eye stripes.
Half size of wren 5-7g.
“Song of floating pitched high twittering.” Similar to Goldcrest but louder without the ending flourish.

‘Flutters almost hummingbird-like feeding at the end of branches.’


Winter Feeding – “Putting out food in your garden in the winter months may be literally the difference between life and death for songbirds.” Bread is better than nothing. But seed mixes fat balls peanuts provide a higher energy diet to keep them alive in cold winter months.

‘Make Sure That Your Seeds AND Peanuts Come From A Reliable Source As Some DO Harbour Infectious Fungi Which Harms – AND CAN KILL Our Garden Birds.’

“Supply water as well as its essential to Songbirds as they must drink and bathe. Use bird bathes or an upturned dustbin lid supported on bricks.”

Remember on frosty mornings to break the ice as provision of water is especially vital in winter when natural sources of moisture may all be frozen.

As different bird species feed in different ways some on the ground some in bushes or trees then food should be offered at a variety of levels. Well stocked bird table with hanging baskets and feeders plus food scattered on ground below ensures plenty of nourishment for all Songbird species.

‘Site In An Open Spot Away From Bushes,Which Can Conceal Cats Waiting To Pounce.’

‘Grey-squirrels Are A Serous Bird Table Pest.’ – “THEN PLEASE – Use Reinforced Anti Squirrel Feeders With Wire Mesh Holes Too Small For Them – But, Allow Access For Songbirds.”


“Feeding Birds Are Particularly Vulnerable To Predation Killing BY – Grey-squirrels, Cats, Magpies, Sparrowhawks, Jays, Fox, Crows; ETC. As many killers lurk around on the prowl for their own meal.

Feeders With Wire Mesh Holes Too Small For Squirrel – But, Allow Access For Songbirds AND “Sited Not Close To The House. And – Well AWAY From Marauding Cats.

LONDON Is Blighted By Seagulls – SEAGULLS ARE A DANGEROUS PEST ! – With No Natural Predators” – From ‘Alarmed And Irritated Residents…’ 

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