Waxwing – “Less than 100 UK!” – ‘Our’ Disaster & Dismay! – Despicable!

Waxwing – “Less than 100 UK!” – ‘Our’ Disaster & Dismay! – Despicable!

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Glorious prominent crest reddish-brown to grey with black throat small black mask round eyes, body all shades of pale grey with red wing-spots.

Waxwing Beautiful – Outstanding with yellow wing and tail tips.
Fabulous exotic unbelievably beautiful – Waxwing – H
igh chatterer song call notes.

TO BECOME EXTINCT? God ‘HELP’ them…! Who else will?

Summer influx changes certain area figures but not consistent.

Need: Bushes trees berries.

Waxwing – Scandalous – “Less than 100 UK…!” Waxwing… cry.

‘Magpie’: Latin meaning – ‘An appetite for substances unfit as food.
Eating anything.’ Perfect reference – For killer magpies.

Magpies rarely ‘eat’ that which they KILL –

They – MAGPIES ARE JUST A–KILLING MACHINE Of – All Our – ‘Songbirds!’

Waxwing – “Glorious reddish-to-grey prominent crest black mask round eyes throat – Body all shades pale grey red wing-spots and yellow tail wing tips” – 2010 July

‘Sensible’ culling of the too many predators, scavengers which are all catching killing songbirds from magpies cats grey-squirrels crows sparrowhawks herring-gulls parakeets rats jays fox. Etc. Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled.”

“To accept anything else as normal ‘nature’ is delusional. British ‘wildlife’ has been permanently allowed to become only predators and scavengers!”

Note: Think of it? ‘If’ ALL dogs OR even cats or any species that – ‘attracts us.’ Were All Killed Off By – Other dominant aggressive birds or animals –
There would be an – Almighty ‘Uproar and Outrage’… So why – Just why this dreadful apathy regarding Songbirds? It – Really does Amaze ‘US!’

We started this site with true sadness and passion to try and help towardsSaving tragically the dying off of Songbirds! In my lifetime I’ve become sick of forever hearing ‘you don’t see them like you used to’ whenever the dire lack of Songbirds and Sparrows are mentioned.”

Were in dire need of Garden Birds – They consume billions of our unwanted slug bug creepy crawly insect pests. Accepting some form of control is vital.
“Their prey of Sparrows and Songbirds has collapsed and its these more delicate species that desperately need our protection!”

Waxwing – Piteously ‘threatened endangered British species.’ Yes Extermination. From the human race!

Were obligated to help them in this OUR – Senseless ‘folly.’ Now – Just like the bees. Think care – do something?

‘Our’ Disaster Utterly Despicable – Morally ‘We’ Should ALL be Dismayed – “Less than 100 UK – !!”

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