Population ‘World’ 1960 – 2billion:  2010 – 6.8billion: By 2050 – 10.9billion! ‘Lapwing’ – “Dead Disgracefully 90%” – Notorious ‘human’ Apathy…

Population ‘World’ 1960 – 2billion: 2010 – 6.8billion: By 2050 – 10.9billion! ‘Lapwing’ – “Dead Disgracefully 90%” – Notorious ‘human’ Apathy…

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one‘Birdbrained’ Reality Thoughts From An Instinctive London Observers – Urban Backyard… 
having had three footballs kicked all along with their incumbent din from next doors (quite a few) kids all within an hour over our high party wall. As one ball landed on me (I did not yell back) one into my yucca tree then the third into the empty bird shed.

Methinks its time for some rethinking and some home truths in our human congested space along with the constant reminder that out existence on earth is transitory and that
we should be considering exactly what we are all leaving behind us when we leave this ‘our’ –
One earth. – 2010 June 17.

Photo: Lapwing Or Peewit (wader) After it’s distinctive cry. Numbers; Notorious – Disgracefully 90% ‘down-? – Dead 90%…! – ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…?”

Reports Confirm HUGE Amounts OF Methane ARE Released BY Landfill Sites; our human excess throwaway society and over packaging coming back to haunt us. A GAS UP TO 30 TIMES MORE  Potent In Causing Climate Change THAN Carbon Dioxide.

The IMPACT OF Methane AND Black Carbon (ie soot) IS BOTH LARGER THAN Previously Imagined. The WORST Side OF Scientific Orthodoxy IS ITS Reluctance To Accept Ground Breaking DISCOVERIES. Speaking out is not popular among scientists –

The Damage TO The Ozone Layer Was First Observed IN 1974 – Not UNTIL 1987 WERE CFC Gases Responsible For IT BANNED.’ Carl Sagan wrote –

“A few saintly  personalities stand out in science amid a rolling sea of jealousies ambition back-biting suppression of dissent and absurd conceit.”

Anaesthetic gas used in operations has the same affect each year on the environment as 1million cars. One commonly used gas caused more than 1,600 times as much damage as the same amount of CO2. Scientists Prof Ole John Nielsen Copenhagen university led the study with Mads Andersen of Nasa.
One anaesthesiologist said the gas used in operations is known as a halogenated compound.
Same family as freon which was damaging the ozone layer in the 1980s.

Of three common anaesthetic gases one could cause 1,620 times as much global warming as an equal amount of CO2 while the others caused 510 and 210 times as much. “They warned that no checks were being kept on their release.”
British Journal of Anaesthesia: Prof Nielsen – If all three had ‘equal therapeutic worth’ the least damaging one should be used.

2011 February: A new anaestic made from Algae ‘that’s totally innovative’ being hailed a ‘miracle.’ One of the biggest medical breakthroughs of its kind for half a century. Developed by doctors in Boston US and scientists in Chile this painkiller is derived from organisms that live in water and showed fewer risks and quicker recovery.

“All This Along With The FACT THAT The WORLD POPULATION IS Doubling EVERY 32 Years; BASED ON – ‘2010’ present figures: Population 2010 – 6.8 billion; Fifty years ago it stood at 2 billion. Predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050.

2011 March: The UN now estimates we could have a global population of – 10.9billion people by 2050.
With food production needed to increase by 70 per cent!

“In the NEXT 40 Years ‘The Earth Is GOING TO TAKE ITS BIGGEST BATTERING YET’. We will cause more pollution and use more of the Earth’s natural resources in the next 40 years than have been used in all of human history…” – ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…”

Photo: Our First ‘old’ Blackbird Taken 1980 in Central London.
‘Who Did Live to Over 9 Years and Used to Fall Asleep On Our Steps.’ 

Blackbirds could live to 12 years plus. If ‘Allowed’ to continue to ‘help’ us…

First time we noticed that they have whiskers length.
Their whiskers – ‘just like so many animals.’ Which helps them judge how wide their body is.

Last 30 years – It’s Only – ‘Death For Songbirds!’

Twilight of ‘Our’ songbirds… View: Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Cont: Along with many peoples thoughts expressing grave concerns for humankind.
I still wait like them looking for a positive call for immediate action.

“But the subject not being – ‘A vote catching issue.’
Belief is nothing will change. Or even be attempted.”

“Already it will be far too late and for the myriad of billions of innocent species on earth.”
Global temperatures are rising; CO2 levels are now higher than they have been for 800 million years. Sea levels are rising. Methane is starting to escape from the Arctic seabed.

At least 1,500 gigatonnes of methane locked up in the Arctic permafrost which is currently melting at a rate of knots threatening to release this planet-changing gas back into the atmosphere.

‘Mankind’s collective responsibility for damaging the fabric of life to the point where our actions may well prove cataclysmic is valid and our disregard for the sanctity of all species of life and the planet that supports it.’

World Population 6.8 Billion 2010:  – 2 Billion 1960:  – 10.9 Billion by – 2050! Understanding events are crucial if we are to anticipate what might happen if (or when) the Arctic’s stores of Methane are liberated from their icy prisons and are free to wreck havoc on our atmosphere once more.

It Took The Planet ‘80,000’ Years TO Recover FROM ITS Effects LAST TIME AROUND. Ice caps and glaciers are melting far faster than predicted.

‘Weather events appear to be becoming more extreme. All this is happening far faster than animals and the plants can cope with such change. Climatic regions are moving towards the poles at the rate of 35 miles per decade.
Where as animals and plants are only moving at four miles per decade and quite often being blocked by man- made obstacles.

Snowfall could increase in the short term because of global warming. Jet streams warm two thirds of our oceans. Means increased evaporation which leads to moister air. Moist air mass meets Siberian cold air mass. ‘All indicators still suggest we are warming up in line with predictions.’

Add TO This Scenario ‘The World without Us’ – By author Alan Wiseman who seems determinedly optimistic about the ability of the planet to outlast us. But supplies some good reasons for doubt. www.populationmatters.org/  – ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…”

The oil refineries and chemical plants would burn and poison the environment. Plastics now filling the oceans might never biodegrade. Uranium-235 has a half life of 704 million years. The 441 nuclear plants around the world (not counting the reactors in submarines and warships) would run briefly on autopilot, then overheat, some melting, some burning, all releasing radioactivity into the environment, perhaps making life impossible.

Wiseman finally turns to the real disaster we face that makes these speculations so provoking. The one we don’t talk about…

“Preferring TO CALL INSTEAD ‘global warming’ – ‘OVERPOPULATION‘ – Every Four Days Human Population Rises By One Million.”

The human population stands at – 6.8billion and is projected to rise to 10.9billion by the middle of the century.
“His practical wish for every human female capable of bearing children is to have one child only.” Poignant but not fatal.

By 2100 – The population would have fallen back to 1.6 billion. ‘Levels last seen in the 19th century. The world would be beautiful the air refreshed, 20 times more wildlife, elephant and wildebeest profiting from the extra vegetation, the birds multiplying.’

Blackbird a True – ‘All-Year-Round’ British Garden Songbird With the Greatest of Songs.

Photo: Blackbird taken 1987.

2010: BTO – ‘‘Huge falls have been recorded for our well loved British Blackbird!”

Blackbirds a true – ‘All-year-round’ Garden Songbird with the greatest of songs. They nest
in ivy low hedges bushes so start planting to help increase their numbers.

Females creamy throat slightly streaked chest brown body who sing quietly.
Males deep black glossy plumage with striking yellow-gold bill and eye ring.

Singing on high like a welcome melodic ‘angel’ in your garden. Superb rich long
high and low phrases of fluting endlessly varied ‘kisses’ and whistles.

They mate for life. They – COULD – ‘Live’ 7+ years. If – “Given Help.”
Re Magpies – And Sparrowhawks – ‘Killing!’

Help Blackbirds: Compost pile spread out at ground level.
Add old fruit vegetables garden plant waste to soil pile on the ground.

They love to forage for slugs worms bugs beetles spiders eating up ALL ‘our’- creepy crawlies. That we don’t want.

Need: Leave windfall pears, apples berries cherries. Feed meal-worms meat corned beef sausage bacon chicken grapes. ‘ALL’ moist and well chopped up.

“Pathetically Shameful OUR ‘British Blackbird’ – Red ‘DEAD’ List – Since 2001! Your Deplorable Stinking ‘Neglect’ – RSPB!”

Cont: Certainly these facts and figures adding to anyones rethink. Unless the public change their attitude thinking. Then demand changes. Nothing will get changed for the better. OR – For our planet.

“Without war dead over the last centuries without thousands of previous famines and disasters this ‘Our’ Only World – Would have reached ‘saturation point’ with human population many years ago.” As Wiseman said – ‘Every human female capable of bearing children to have only one child.’ We have to agree. “Poignant, but certainly not fatal.”

Britain’s Ex-Prime Minister James Callahan SAID IN ‘1995’ AND – 

AND As Said AT ’16’ Years Of Age – “They ought to pay me not to breed and not to drive a car” AND STUCK TO IT – That IS Still THE ONLY ANSWER.Paying People THIS Century ‘NOT’ to breed.’ Though with ingenuity of human spirit we’d still be crowded out and getting everywhere…

“So do we really want to care about our fellow man?” To override beliefs, faiths, boundaries, selfishness, greed, corruption, in not demanding our rights (forget our wrongs). To change our ways? “No hope. Governments would have to dictate, fine us for breaches, prisons would be ever overflowing.

Tragically yet another pipe dream in trying to re-educate unruly ‘spoilt’ humans in trying to save our planet – FROM ‘US’…

‘London First City In The World With A Population Of Over 1 ‘One’ Million.’

2010: Britain is the third most crowded populated country on the planet without the land mass of the other two! Do we really want and enjoy this cheek by jowl ‘living’ ? This is now. Does anyone care or want to be – Bothered about – The future of ‘our’ one planet?

Then Britain Today ‘IS’ – The Most Densely and Crowded Out Country To Have To Survive – To ‘Live’ In.

Q: Isn’t that against OUR – ‘human rights?’ Why do ‘we’ today have to be the most packed out country above all others? Population has got to be addressed. Tell your MPs Overpopulation will one day soon become a major – ‘Voting Issue’!

Britain’s ex-Prime Minister James Callahan said in ‘1995′ and Rightly reminded us –WE MUST DEAL WITH THE PROBLEMS Of – THE GREATEST PREDATOR OF ALL TIME THAT IS MANKIND ITSELF –

World Population 1960 – 2 Billion:  2010 – 6. Billion: By 2050 – 10.9 Billion ! ‘Lapwing’ – Notorious – “Disgracefully Dead 90%!” – ‘SONGBIRDS’ – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…” – ?

www.populationmatters.org/ – Email: enquiries@populationmatters.org

©TPL April.10   Copyright © 2011 Songbirds Slaughter –


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