Sparrows Extinction “90% Dead!” – RSPB In 1954 Gave Sparrowhawks Protection ‘1954’…? – Which Kills ‘EATING’ Our Sparrows!

Sparrows Extinction “90% Dead!” – RSPB In 1954 Gave Sparrowhawks Protection ‘1954’…? – Which Kills ‘EATING’ Our Sparrows!

House Sparrow – 2010 BTO ‘Numbers’ Down. 90% DEAD!

Grey crown. Bustling perky gregarious jolly little House Sparrows.
Ceerful and chirpy song – Cockney chirrups. They mate for life.

From 1840 taken all over the USA Boston New York and around the world.  ‘They’ – All Manage – To Retain British Sparrows?
Not killing them all off!

Maybe ‘they’ just kill off – Keep down their own ‘predator’ species?

Or their Sparrowhawks DONT have the legal ‘protection’ placed by the RSPB since 1954 ! – For Sparrowhawks –

AS IN BRITAIN ! Sparrowhawks – Which EATS Mostly Just KILLS All our Sparrows and – Our Songbirds!

Sparrows arrived here towards the end of the last ice age.
Nesting in caves crevices and cliffs.

‘We’ve lived side by side with the House and Tree Sparrow Since man first emerged.’

‘Every morning at dawn chorus time all across the country they used to form the massed choir.’
Humble Sparrow is increasingly now not even alive.

Help House Sparrows: Allow patches of weeds and unmown grass to attract seeds and insects.
Feed: Sunflower seeds fruit and millet. Moist well chopped up chicken sausage meat bacon. “Life couldn’t be the same without the Sparrow!”…

Avoid: Chemicals-sprays pellets killing soft-bodied bugs that Sparrows and their chicks – EAT! To then be also poisoned and die.
Need to raise their family under house eaves. So – Stop blocking them up!

Have: Some really dense bushes, scrubs for Sparrows to forage, roost and hide in from cats, magpies, etc, killing predators.
House Sparrows struggling to survive alone here in Britain. Q: WHY this disaster in the UK? – ASK THEN –
‘Only’ the RSPB!’

House Sparrow: Between 1972 and 1996 – Estimates are that 9.6million – House Sparrows had ‘disappeared’ – A loss of 65%.
1990 – There were eight sparrows for every garden. 2000 – Only Four – . 2010 – DEAD 90%!

2000: House Sparrow – Already extinct in Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bradford, Newcastle, Southampton. Etc…
Then likely reasons were car pollution emissions killing off the insects on which sparrows feed their offspring in the first crucial days after they hatch. Bad peanuts sold at discount stores. “These nuts end up releasing toxins that are still deadly to birds. To – Avoid this, bird tables should be cleaned every two weeks and always bin ‘mouldy’ peanuts.”

House Sparrow – 2010 BTO ‘Numbers’ Down 90%! UK Slayed – Monstrous. On guess what – Damn forever this – Sickly ‘Red Dead List.’
NOTE: Along with just – Far Too Many other once – ‘common’ – British ‘Garden Songbirds!’

Albert Einstein – ‘Only two things are infinite the universe and human stupidly and I’m not too sure about the former.’

‘Tree Sparrow’ – Decimated ‘93%!’ – Warning. Cry – UK…

Rich chestnut crown. White collar cheeks with black spot.

“Gregarious Tree Sparrows were again Introduced Worldwide.”

Shyer and smaller than our – House Sparrow. Takes to next boxes.

More harmonious ‘song’ very active with permanently cocked tail. Mate for life.

Disastrous Offensive UK – Why? Yet Another – Tree Sparrow- UGH!

Red-Death-List! ‘You may never see them again.’ Do ‘You’ Care?

‘Tree Sparrow’ – Decimated ‘93%’! – “These and many more songbirds listed were once part of all our lives.”

George Bernard Shaw – “Human beings are the only animals of which I am thoroughly and cravenly afraid.”

“Enjoy the beauty and soundscape of songbirds. Their help we humans need in clearing up billions of aphids, insects, slugs, snails, bugs, moths, gnats, leather-jackets, flies, caterpillars, spiders, creepy crawlies; Etc. All That We dont want OR Need.

All ‘our’ unwanted pests moths flies and a myriad of creepy crawlies all without pellets or spraying out chemicals.
“Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.”

Sparrows – ONCE Our common ‘Garden Birds’ along with so many other beautiful Songbird visitors from across the sea…”

Warning Britain: “Calamitously – ‘All’ Are Going – Songbirds And Our Sparrows Heading to Extinction…”

Sparrowhawks ‘RSPB’ Killed – All our little Jolly Sparrows – In Very short time! “House Sparrow ’2010′ Dead ‘Killed Off’ by 90% !”

Sparrows Extinction “90% Dead!” – RSPB In 1954 Gave Sparrowhawks Protection ‘1954’…? – Which Kills ‘EATING’ Our Sparrows!

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