Songbirds eat ‘Billions’ slug bug flies moths insect pests – Obligated TO ‘Save’ Them – “Mankind’s Senseless Extinction…” UTTER Folly!

Songbirds eat ‘Billions’ slug bug flies moths insect pests – Obligated TO ‘Save’ Them – “Mankind’s Senseless Extinction…” UTTER Folly!

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“Life over and all around my backyard is just predominantly of all the species of predators scavengers screeching of their continual cawing cackling long dins.”
Photo main: Female Blackbird; Male Blackbird black feathers bright yellow beak. ‘Well loved songbird who sings like an angel.’ – They mate for life.

Since 2001 Disastrously Britain. Blackbird on – Red list of – Endangered Threatened Species.’ View Topics: Your Lost Birds – & RSPB!

“Crows the size of chickens every day screeching from our roof tops along with gulls, magpies, parakeets, sparrowhawks. And grey-squirrels – Killing off everything in our parks, gardens, squares where these predators and scavengers utterly have for far too long been allowed to just breed.” 
THEN ‘WE’ HAVE TO AND “MUST Include Parakeets…” British – ‘Wildlife…!’ 28th May 2010

On one side of our backyard the house there has two backyards fully covered over with large extensions three stories high originally all built without any planning permission. Ever since blocking out all others light and any view. Another high wall on the other side and when the new owners moved in they paved over and threw out all the past bushes and greenery to enlarge their extension. “All Around ‘us’ Is – Empty Dead Bleak Sterile…”

The ivy covering our walls was planted over 30 years ago and in two years it grew to over 15 feet. It hasnt damaged any brickwork. Maybe if the brick was loose in areas to begin with ivy would attach showing up the defect. Kew Gardens carried out research into ivy growing onto their trees confirming it hadn’t caused problems. It gets an occasional trim here and there. This then gets twisted up into bunches which gets stuffed into the back of the ivy or any empty space.
‘I then hope it can become a home for spiders insects bugs moths whch are all natural foods for our garden birds.’

I hadn’t seen much at all of my blackbirds Wuffy and Wanda though Wanda must have found somewhere to build another nest – As last week she bought along ‘one chick’ for food but sadly this seems to be the only one. “They both feed him non stop as the quicker the chick can grow the better.”

“Tragically not a successful year for such vigilance and their unending dedicated hard work. They give 24 hours a day to their chicks. I’ve seen many a juvenile blackbird still with its parents for protection even up to 3 – 4 months later.”

Photo: Our Last Blackbird female July 2010. Killed  by one sparrowhawk in our Surrey garden.
Sent in by Hilary Owen, Surrey

We must pay attention to the tragic ‘Loss of Songbirds’ and heed previous warnings.
Inform the RSPB – ‘If their interested?’

View ‘recent’ facts. LOSS Of Our Garden Birds  –

“To be wiped out of songbirds has happened to mankind and to our dire detriment.
In – 1920s China by Chairman Mao.

View; Songbird ‘life’ London‘All Songbirds to be Killed’ Mao dictated. Save seed grain – ‘Pestilence & Fungus’ – Took over All Yields!

Climate change is always being blamed, along with many other excuses. For a fall in the number of songbirds in our gardens and countryside in the UK.

Lack of general observation and knowledge in newspapers. Along with the RSPB stating ‘fruit crops and milder winters will displace garden songbirds along with migration.’ Etc, etc…

“But – With a lifetime of personal knowledge and experience the majority of these garden birds never leave their home patch…”

The RSPB placed protection in 1954′ on the sparrowhawk showing alarming ignorance and deliberate denial forever evading the truth of predation ‘killing’ on Sparrow and our Garden Songbird numbers for the last 40 years.

“We are in dire need of songbirds they eat billions of our slugs bugs flies moths insect pests.”
Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses. Were obligated to help them in this (our) plight – Just like how we have infected the bees.

When will things ever get changed? Damn! – When As usual – Its All Too Late… Protest let the RSPB know your own thoughts.

2010: RSPB acting more entrenched than ever? Sparrowhawks ate all the sparrows in our yard along with two pairs of blackbirds in front of people some years ago. This hawk with an 6′ wing span flew down with such lightning speed ripping them apart. Scaring the sheer wits out of everyone.

Being left with all the blood gore and mass of feathers just about everywhere all over the backyards ivy. Nothing ever left alive dead sparrows and songbirds each and every time that it’s utterly tragic to have to accept and have to endure.

Truly disheartening truly sad making people utterly livid about hawks never ending destruction! The RSPB along with St Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital duly informed me ‘that sparrowhawks would never eradicate their own food supply.’ Then weve got news for ‘them!’

Sparrowhawks killed both pairs of blackbirds and each time this happened both pairs were killed within only – ‘a few days apart.’ Cont:

Blackbird 2010: BTO -‘‘Huge falls have been recorded for our Blackbirds!” 

Blackbirds a true – ‘All-year-round’ Garden Songbird with the greatest of songs. They nest in ivy low hedges bushes. So start planting to help increase their numbers.

Females creamy throat slightly streaked chest brown body who sing quietly.
Males deep black glossy plumage with striking yellow-gold bill and eye ring –

Singing on high like a welcome melodic ‘angel’ in your garden. Superb rich long
high and low phrases of fluting endlessly varied ‘kisses’ and whistles.

They mate for life. They – COULD – ‘Live’ 7+ years. If – ‘Given Help.’ Re Magpies –
And Sparrowhawks – ‘Killing!’

Help Blackbirds: Compost. Add old fruit vegtable garden waste to soil pile on the ground.

They love to forage for slugs worms bugs beetles spiders eating up ALL ‘our’ –
Creepy crawlies.
That we dont want!

Need: Berries cherries leave windfall pears apples. Feed mealworms fatty meat chips sausage bacon chicken grapes.ALL moist and well chopped.’

“Pathetically Shameful OUR ‘British Blackbird’ – Red ‘DEAD’ List – Since 2001! Your Deplorable Stinking ‘Neglect’ – RSPB!”

Songbirds eat Billions of Our slugs bug insect Pests – Obligated ‘NOW’ to Save them and this – Senceless Folly – Just like the bees!

Cont: So RSPB and Tiggywinkles Wildlife hospital you try telling these hawks then when to eat! What utter drivel sheer nonsense to give out. Both are distanced from us that see the truth of all this predation on songbird numbers and for far too many years.

“Their relying on ignorance giving out soft sweet platitudes to the general public. Why? Because of their own RSPB vested interests.” Being told of their ‘love of hawks.’ Bill Oddy ‘loves’ magpies. For six years no one ever saw or heard another sparrow or songbird but, do ‘they’ care?

“British ‘wildlife’ has been permanently allowed by them to become just ‘predators’ and scavenger pests.”

Which is all we ever do see and hear screeching squawking screaming cawing shrilling.
Magpies ‘rattle’ cackling like witches forever more of them on and on unchecked!

Rarely can anyone hear birdsong in central London or any one of our towns or cities. The Only Natural wonderful Soundscape that we have now mostly lost. 

And for just far too many years have you ever heard‘A dawn chorus!’

Question and ask ‘Why not RSPB’?

Predators of cats infestations of squirrels magpies herring gulls sparrowhawks crows falcons red kites jays along with scavenger pigeons rats seagulls; Etc. Forever more of them in urban areas their numbers alone are increasing.

When will this imbalance of predator scavenger pests ever get rectified by sensible culling?

Q: But forever NO protection for garden songbirds?
Q: Why has this tragic loss been allowed to happen?

‘That’s what their members pay the RSPB to do and it’s supposed to be protecting’ – Isn’t it?

Are RSPB worth joining to ‘save’ songbirds? “Only join a grass roots charity if you want to get things done or saved.” Confirmed Peter Hitchens in Sunday Mail 2009 June.

We must all contribute to help save what’s left of our remaining sparrows and songbirds of over 100 different species.

Help their return to our gardens parks any open areas countryside by writing from all over the UK to our MPs, Councils, RSPB and their Patron the Queen.

To lift the legal ‘protection’ given by the RSPB to sparrowhawks. To demand control of over abundant pest species predators and scavengers whose populations have increased to such levels that now culling is urgently the only answer.

Nature’ has never existed; we have interfered dictated for all time and must continue now as we have created this chronic ‘imbalance’ against songbirds. And all other unprotected species unable to adapt or compete.     

Songbirds eat Billions of Our slugs bugs insect Pests – WERE Obligated As OUR ‘NOW’ LAST chance to Save them in this ‘their’ Senseless Plight – Just like the bees!
“IT IS Mankind’s Senseless Extinction!” – And Sublime Shameful AND UTTER… ‘Folly’!

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