Lesser Redpole – DEAD 90%! 1970’s – “down to one-tenth in numbers” ‘SHOCKING EXTINCTION?’ – Utterly Criminal…!

Lesser Redpole – DEAD 90%! 1970’s – “down to one-tenth in numbers” ‘SHOCKING EXTINCTION?’ – Utterly Criminal…!

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Lesser Redpole

2010 Numbers Down 90%! AND Truly ‘Criminal’.

Lesser Redpoll is (WAS!) the smallest most brownish cream streaked of four different redpoll finches.

Considerable concern regarding the species…

Males red forehead black bib pink cheeks throat breast rump.

Feeds amongst alders spruce birch trees hanging upside-down for seeds. Breeding summer take insects.

Performs elaborate rattling songflights over their breeding area.

“1970s down to one-tenth in numbers…!”

Yet the delightful beautiful gorgous little Lesser Redpoll – Has only recently been moved to this – Loathsome – Red ‘Deathly’ List –
‘Of species of conservation concern…!’ – RSPB! ‘WHAT’ – REALLY – ARE – ‘YOU’ DOING?

2010: Again Numbers Down 90%! – SHOCKING – ‘Yes Nearly ALL DEAD!’ – EXTINCTION…

1954: The RSPB placed protection on the sparrowhawk. Tragically showing alarming denial for the last 40 years!
Forever evading the truth of this hawks outright – 
‘Killing on Sparrow and Garden Songbird numbers ever since.’

“We are in dire need of Songbirds they eat billions of our insects bug slug aphid pests – Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.”

Were obligated to help them in this ‘our’ senseless folly NOW – Like the bees. Think care – do something?

George Bernard Shaw – “The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That’s the essence of inhumanity.”

“Although we love the sound of birdsong if were lucky enough to experience it nowadays. Its such a risky activity for all Songbirds.

As they have just so many predators. By singing they are attracting attention to themselves. Vocalization though has other functions which (used to) ‘with nature’ outweigh the risks.

Remember – There are plenty of ways you can help whats left of – ‘Britain’s Songbird population!’ We support – http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk

Join the only UK Charity – ‘Doing – Recent Scientific Research.’

“IF we are to help Songbirds survive let alone increase their numbers. Its time policy makers at the RSPB take off their 1954 protection of unrestricted birds of prey.” –

Their beloved sparrowhawks.

“Raptor Numbers Since THEN… ‘1954!’ – Have Dramatically Increased.” – Mankind It’s Time to Start Being Realistic…

Join Only A Grass Roots Charity – Doing something and putting their money where the truth Is – Into Research the Obvious Truth! 

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