Garden Birds – Sparrowhawk Numbers Have “Quadrupled In 50 years !” ‘Sparrowhawks’ Killed – IN 2005 – ‘107 Million Songbirds’

Garden Birds – Sparrowhawk Numbers Have “Quadrupled In 50 years !” ‘Sparrowhawks’ Killed – IN 2005 – ‘107 Million Songbirds’

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A Flock of Screeching Parakeets Flying Over Our Backyard. – “Yet Ever More Predators and Scavengers Displacing Our Resident Garden Songbirds !
Photos: Great Tit. Sings loud and clear (read below). Numbers; Piteously down…! – 17th May 2010.

I’ve only seen Wanda and Wuffy ‘my’ blackbirds, coming for food now and again into their bird shed these past weeks. Their food’s in a long baking tray so they see at a glance what’s on offer. They never stop for long being continuously on the look out for predators making them stressed. Wanda may have made a new nest or had one already. Past years some females have made up to three nests in different areas of the ivy on either side of the yard.

‘I stand the tray on top of a dustbin in case of mice. As ever more food is left on our streets mice are breeding ever more and agile climbers.’ In 3 months one mouse alone can produce 60 plus offspring!

Last week for two days a pair of busy darting Great Tits appeared chattering away with the male singing away happily. For hours they went forever all over up and down the ivy getting out garden pests. I’ve never seen them around before but songbirds always search for finding any oasis and refuge for them of greenery ivy and bushes.

Songbirds song is so innocent hopeful and just joyful so to also see them it really makes one stop think and relax. Research proves that hearing –
Birdsong even without seeing cheerful beautiful Songbirds lowers our own stress levels by 78%. And as people do say ‘makes them feel happy.’
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Your Lost Birds – & RSPB –

2005: Sparrowhawks Took ‘107’ Million Garden Songbirds. Research Figures Show Their Own Numbers Have Quadrupled In The Last ’50’ Years. At One Songbird Taken Daily – 7 Sparrowhawks Take ‘2,500’ Sparrows And Songbirds In One Year.

But – ‘3′ – ‘THREE’ – ‘Birds’ Are Taken Daily By Just ONE Sparrowhawk RSPB – Sorely Food For Thought. And the – RSPB…?

Photo: Great Tit chicks. One of our most remarkable vocalists knowing 18 different variations which get quite complicated. Many new inventions creep in and replace old ones sung from the tallest of tree tops.

Smart sleek acrobatic as Blue Tits. Male offers choice several nest-sites in tree-holes nestboxes. Female then takes over 20 days to build their nest.

Help Great Tit: Chicks need protein rich mealworms. Wide variety winter nuts seeds. Summer insects spiders. Autumn fruit berries.
Quality peanut mixtures sunflower hearts fat balls cut-up kitchen scraps.
Brood 1
; 2?

Foraging on ground Great Tit and chicks fall victim to killing –
Cats, Grey Squirrels, Magpies, Jays, Crows, Hawks. Etc…


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Cont: One wall is ‘alive’ with spreading dead ivy as many spiders insects prefer to inhabit this. Robins blue coal and great tits would love to explore amongst the dead ivy and its many cobwebs for insect garden pests and caterpillars of all sizes.

IF – I had them!… “Along with many more and many other gorgeous garden birds” –
IF – The RSPB stopped predation ‘killing’ by magpies sparrowhawks grey squirrels… on and on.

Sparrowhawks, the larger female hawk appeared sitting motionless from out of nowhere half way down the fire escape looking straight ahead unfazed. Their numbers have drastically increased having had protection from the RSPB since 1954!
Isn’t IT About TIME the RSPB – ‘Started to Protect’ – ‘Songbirds?’

A sparrowhawk first seen in this same spot over 30 years ago jumping out of our skin not knowing what this huge hawk was or even where it had come from. Sparrowhawks Killed ‘RSPB’ 2005 – 107 Million Songbirds! – Their numbers in Britain have Quadrupled – In 45 years!

We forget nothing is really natural. People still refer to ‘nature’ meaning a ‘natural’ balance. It’s always been managed being put out of kilter by us. I only go into my backyard about twice a day BUT later I find clumps of great tit feathers all over the yard. What has happened? Honestly I can guess…

Baby-BlackbirdWE – “Must witness from every vantage point and from our windows – And PROTEST About this ‘Slaughter’ to the RSPB !”

Giving protection to raptors (hawks) and none to ‘songbirds’ when RSPB have the sheer weight of ‘years and years’ of witness reports.

Include independent accredited surveys of the truth of all predator’s and scavengers killing displacement on our garden birds.

‘Check out Songbird numbers at the registered charity’ – – “Along With ‘Recent’ Independent Accredited Surveys and Research.”
Proving RSPB Legislation On Raptors – ‘Has To Change.’

WHEN RSPB ? Q: When…? –
IT IS Truly Scandalous  Our Loss of Garden Birds !

“The RSPB Are Hypocrites They Mask The Reality Behind The Guise Of Their so-called research Which They Call Science.”
Obviously in their own best interests.

“Songbirds our ‘Garden Birds’ cannot fight back. Only those species unable to Adapt Cope or Compete need our help our money and Protection!”

2005: Sparrowhawks took 107 million songbirds. Research figures show their own numbers have quadrupled in the last 45 years. At one songbird taken daily – 7 sparrowhawks take 2,500 sparrows and songbirds in one year.

But – ‘3′ – ‘THREE’ – ‘Birds’ are Taken Daily by Just ONE Sparrowhawk RSPB! – Sorely food for thought. And the – RSPB…?



The battle to ‘save’ songbirds and sparrows for all our tomorrows is forever never addressed while ‘predation’ killing by other birds animals and the words a sensible ‘cull’ is a four letter word to the RSPB that might offend their animal rights members.

Once we were members maybe it’s about time more of their members then let them know their own thoughts on ‘predation.’

The RSPB control the present dreadful situation for all of our songbirds. SO PROTEST TO – ‘THEM!’

I was in Boston USA 2007 and it was a delight to see and hear a small flock of sparrow’s on the common in the centre of town. Yes, really. But I’d only seen one songbird after a while there.

People stopped to ask what I’d seen ‘looking at the trees’ and really cared telling me (yet again) of mankind’s interference.
As the previous year their council had released falcons (hawks) to keep the pigeons down and yes you’ve guessed it. –

“It’s not been the pigeons that had diminished but mostly the sparrows and the songbirds that had all gone.”

Gandhi wrote – “The morality of a country is judged by the way it treats its animals.”
Then we should think carefully about the way we are treating ours. Our wildlife and especially our wildlife that is just hanging on.

“Namely all the species unable to adapt or compete and to be able to survive to have a future – without predation.”

So again nature and ‘leave it to nature’ has never existed. Mankind has dictated for all time and must continue as we have created this chronic – ‘Imbalance’ against those species unable to adapt or compete and tragically to even be allowed to survive for much longer.

George Orwell – “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals.”



‘3′ ‘THREE’ ‘SONGBIRDS’ – Are Taken Daily By Just ONE Sparrowhawk – ‘Killing 107 Million’ Garden Songbirds in ‘2005′ – ! – RSPB…? Sparrowhawk Numbers – Have “Quadrupled In 50 Years” 

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    I’ll pass it on to all that care and want to do something or say that do…

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    Songbirds slaughter org.. Corking. Bang-up

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    Songbirds slaughter org.. Very nice site.

  4. Who cares to do more abour their plight.. we always learn visiting this blog can everyone do something also to address the problems

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    Do more about our garden songbirds anyone-

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    I’ve been on such a losing streak that if I had been around I would have taken General Custer and given points. – Lewis, Joe E.

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  8. Robert says:

    Great information and fully support i live in a semi rural area and feel the demise of songbirds is also the increase use of pesticides by farmers which kill off the insects that the birds feed on together with the demise of Hedgerows for nesting and habitat, Whist I like all birds I spent several hours watching an Eagle Soaring over British mountains in that time he/she took 1 rabbit and 1 Pigeon.

    Songbirds will hopefully come back but it needs National Action to ban chemicals, Move to Organic Farming, reestablishment of Hedgerows and more importantly Raptor control although I have seen in my area Leigh on Sea the local Marsh Harriers seem to enjoy a selection of Seagulls and again Pigeons

    THANK-YOU for YOUR GREAT interest and INFORMATION for All to SEE as your keeping your eyes and ears open…
    So many too many dont give a fig… Far and too easy ever again to demolish destroy every one thing.
    TRAGICALLY with humans power. Once DEAD and GONE its the end. NEVER TO RETURN we forget dont care?
    – NEVER again FOR upcoming OTHERS TO SEE AND KNOW!

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