Sparrows Dead 90% – “Sparrowhawks Killed ALL Our Jolly Sparrows !” IN Very Short Time – the ‘RSPB’…?

Sparrows Dead 90% – “Sparrowhawks Killed ALL Our Jolly Sparrows !” IN Very Short Time – the ‘RSPB’…?

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“Everything Today In Our Backyard – Is, Dead And Empty.” Yesterday One Magpie Wiped Out Our Last Blackbirds – ‘Killing ALL Their ‘5’ Baby Blackbirds Who Were ALL – “Still Blind In their Nest.”
View: Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB ! – ‘One’ Wiped Us Out – “Killing ‘5’ Baby Blackbirds” – ‘Every Year The Same !’

‘Today I see the male Blackbird. But for once he is not singing his heart out and to whoever may be passing who spares their time to notice him. Not making any sound. Just stuck no movement sitting on his look out perch on top of next door’s aerial which is his main vantage point.’ – 2010 April 22nd.

Photos: House sparrow. Male grey crown, black bib. ‘Sings’ – Cheerful and chirpy cockney chirrups. Numbers; Appallingly crashed ‘Zero’ In SO Many Areas! House Sparrow 2010: BTO ‘Numbers’ Down 90%…!

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Their nest has taken the female Blackbird over three weeks to make which was a perfectly formed little round shape. She’d started with damp mud from the ‘compost’ heap on the ground hammering it loudly into the twiggy ivy to pieces of small twigs to strands of stronger stems and grass to moss. Then to only very dry green grasses which took her forever ages to find while it never stopped raining.

“The nest which looked far too small to hold even two eggs. Is now torn apart amongst the ivy with strands of long grasses, twigs hanging down.”

We have always referred to male blackbirds in the yard as Wuffy like the females are called Wanda. Having this pair of blackbirds around for nearly three years we know their own individual ways and behaviour like observing and knowing any good friend.

I’d seen her from daybreak to dusk everyday making her nest never seeming to even feed let alone wash; which they love to do using the upturned dustbin lid at least twice a day as their feathers get very dusty.

“Wanda today is still sadly letting out her long painful pining high pitch, still on the top of the fire escape and frantically still searching for her lost family.”

I can only try and help by cutting up their favourite food which is grapes, cherries apples or soft pears that are left at the end of the day at a local market which I bag up freely.

Songbirds also like fatty meat all well chopped up very small. A local cafe gives me leftovers of sausage bacon chicken croissants cheese or soak some currants.

Over the years weve kept a pile of soil on the ground to which always were added peelings from fruit, veg and anything suitable like the vacuum contents leaves dead plants and just about everything else to make a home for insects beetles bugs and we hope some worms which all seem to be in short supply for songbirds.

Wanda uses this a lot to find what’s needed for her nest and for baby blackbird’s small worms, different insect pests. Pecking digging and
scratching away sometimes all day.

‘They ask nothing more than somewhere to rest and hide in peace and quiet which can be just a few pots of bushes scrubs or low plants.’

Live or dead ivy on any walls for insects spiders bugs and grubs to make their home and to become a future nesting place for any small bird.

‘So try to attract songbirds with some scraps of food away from predators and scavengers. They’ll eat your slugs grubs ‘our’ unwanted insect slug bug beetle pests and a myriad of creepy crawlies in return.’

Luckily having a shed with the door wide open, yonks ago – A ‘Bird-Screen’ got  invented –
Cut out small holes from the top of a long piece of chicken wire dropped down from two nails. Then larger openings at the base for blackbird sized birds, the edges of the holes bent back to not scrape their wings. This has deterred pigeons getting in and really does work.

“The then bird screen was made long ago when we had over seventeen sparrows in our yard. So enjoyable watching their playful antics keeping themselves amused flying up and down the screen back and forth darting and perching between the cut out holes.”

The new chicks were the most playful and hilarious to see perched around the water in the dustbin lid. Tiny little chicks scattered all round the lid seeming to dare to be the first to jump in and when one actually did the stunned motionless looks of all the others until another did.

Until they were all brave enough (which took some time) when they all had a good time flapping away excitedly in the water. I miss them.

Then sparrowhawks wiped us all out of all the jolly little sparrows in the backyard in a very short time. Sparrowhawks rip apart not always eating the minute sparrows (compared in size). Which is why we do not have any sparrows left… I miss them.

Though the RSPB will scream and shout they are right and ‘we’ are wrong to say it; myself along with thousands being witness to this for far too many years.

“They remain in deceitful denial ignoring the reality of their ‘legal’ protection of this hawk now since the year 1954” !

Common sense has to prevail someday soon surely for – sparrows and songbirds in getting their own rightful ‘protection’ from the RSPB as well?
Songbirds our ‘Garden – Birds’ cannot ‘fight’ back!

Alice Walker – “The Animals of the planet are in desperate peril. Without free animal life I believe we will lose the spiritual equivalent of oxygen.”

We pay charities to look after problems then end up beholden to them doing what they want. Never asking what they do with our money. Check out only grass root charities who put THEIR money where their mouth is! To bring back harmony to ‘nature’ to balance it out again with a level playing field.

Albert Einstein: ‘Only two things are infinite the universe and human stupidly and I’m not too sure about the former.’

House Sparrow – 2010 BTO ‘Numbers’ Down 90%! Sparrows Dead 90%! – “Sparrowhawks Killed ALL Our Jolly Little Sparrows” in Very Short Time – ‘RSPB’…! 

Grey crown. Bustling perky gregarious jolly little House Sparrows.

Cheerful and chirpy song – Cockney chirrups. “Life couldn’t be the same without the Sparrow!”…

From 1840 taken all over USA Boston New York and around the world.

‘They’ All Manage – To Retain British Sparrows? Not killing them all off!

Maybe ‘they’ just kill off – Keep down their own ‘predator species?’

Help House Sparrows: Allow some patches of weeds and unmown grass to attract seeds insects. Feed sunflower seeds fruit millet. Moist cut up chicken sausage meat bacon.

Need to raise their family under house eaves. Stop blocking them up!
Avoid chemicals-sprays pellets killing soft-bodied bugs young House Sparrow chicks eat.
Have some really dense bushes scrubs for Sparrows to forage roost and hide in from predators.

House Sparrows struggling to survive alone here in Britain. Q: WHY this disaster in the UK? PLEASE – ASK THEN – ‘Only The RSPB!’
2010 BTO: Numbers Down 90%! UK Slayed – Monstrous. On guess what – Damn forever this – Sickly ‘Red – Deadly List’.

NOTE: Along with just – Far Too Many Other once – ‘common’ – British ‘Garden Songbirds!’

Sparrows arrived here towards the end of the last ice age nesting in caves cliffs. “We have lived side by side with the Sparrow since man first emerged.”

‘Every morning at dawn chorus time all across the country they used to form the massed choir.’ –
The Humble Jolly Little Sparrow Is Increasingly ‘Now’ Not Even Alive – “IN ANY Of OUR ‘Towns and Cities!’…”

Sparrows hide their nests as best they can from predators in dense scrubs hedges and any cover available. They build cup-shaped nests from different types of foliage with the eggs clustered safely in the bottom.

‘The cup is often lined with grasses moss animal hair or feathers which provide excellent insulation when the incubating female leaves the nest for short periods or goes foraging to feed the nestlings.’ Sometimes the cup is lined with mud which helps to cement the grasses leaves and twigs into a firm structure.

“House Sparrow: Between 1972 and 1996 – Estimates are that 9.6 Million – House Sparrows had ‘disappeared’ – A loss of 65%.”

1990 –’ There were eight sparrows for every garden’. 2000 – “Only Four” – 2010 – DEAD 90%!

2000: House Sparrow – Already extinct in Glasgow Birmingham Manchester Edinburgh Bradford Newcastle Southampton. Etc. Likely reasons given then were car pollution emissions killing off the insects on which sparrows feed their offspring in the first crucial days after they hatch.

‘Bad peanuts sold at discount stores?’ “These nuts end up releasing toxins that are still deadly to birds. Avoid this bird tables should be cleaned every two weeks and always bin ‘mouldy’ peanuts.”

Sadly in 2010 the battle to ‘save’ songbirds, sparrows for all our tomorrows is forever never addressed while predation and the words a sensible ‘cull’ –
Is a four letter word to the RSPB !  Sparrowhawks Have Legal ‘protection’ Placed By the RSPB and Since ‘1954’! – For All of the UK’s ‘Sparrow’ Hawks.

One Question – To the RSPB “ANY” – ‘Help’ – “For The UK’s ‘Sparrows’ AND Songbirds…?” – With your own ‘billions’ in the bank.

Rebecca West – “Did St. Francis preach to the birds? Whatever for? If he really liked birds he would have done better to preach to the cats.”

Sparrowhawks ‘RSPB’ Killed – “All Our Jolly Little Sparrows” – In Very Short time ! “House Sparrow ‘2010’ Dead ‘Killed Off’ by 90%…!” ©TPL April.10

Copyright © 2011 Songbirds Slaughter –

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  1. john says:

    Fantastic beautifully laid out website. Dreadful heartfelt problem. Sickenly desperate situation I have witness to and which is major problem of too much predation not just UK all over Europe.
    Thanks for your helping us that are trying to get this debated.
    Already far to late for so many shocking neglected songbirds.

  2. Cannon B says:

    So NOW RSPB-I know what the songbird loss is all about… I’m indepted to this site alone for filling me and so many in on YOUR INACTION.
    Q: RSPB what have YOU done in the last 30 years to help this distressing tradagy?
    Oviously Nothin! BUT ‘YOU’ rake in ever more money as your accounts 2006 TOOK IN+=£100,million of your members money!?

  3. Hey very interesting post, it has really got me thinking. MORE HELP PLEASE FROM EVERYONE OR ELSE LIKE ALL THAT I KNOW SAY”WHAT ‘IS’ A SONGBIRD?” YOU HAVE IT RIGHT.

  4. Grant S says:

    My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, and we were just itching to know do you write novels or known as a writer? We also read Songbirds-Survival Newsletters all shattering news to us!

  5. David says:

    Today 19 Dec 2010 and another two song birds killed in my garden by sparrowhawks, one a hedge sparrow the other a blue tit.
    Is it not time to have this hawk taken off the protected birds list? although IT maybe a very striking bird to look at. I for one would not miss it, give me a garden full of song birds any day.
    The RSPB say we should not interfere with nature but they are doing just that by reintroducing birds of prey. I think I read somewhere that they are going to release Red Kites into parts of England because it was once part of our landscape, well so was the bear and lion!!
    Oh just one more thing, make the wearing of a collar and bell compulsory for all cats that are let out by their owners.

  6. Hey very interesting post, it really got me thinking.Thank you.

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    Hi, i enjoyed reading your post – youve got a good blogg going here.

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    I am in fact am finding this matter to be really something which I believe I might never understand. It kind of feels too complex and very broad for me. I am looking ahead to your next post, I will attempt to get the hold of it all by your efforts and help and knowledge! thank you.

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    Admiring the dedication you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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