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“I Was A Proud Protector Of Five Baby Blackbirds With Two Just Having Landed Heavily Onto The Ground Though Quickly Getting The Right Way Up – From Out Of Their Nest In My Ivy.”

The parents having worked twenty hours a day for over ten weeks to get to this their big day when the elder chicks ‘want to leave home.’

Photo: 1 of 5 Dead ‘baby’ Blackbirds.

Catastrophically All killed by ‘one’ Magpie on – ’21st April 2010′ –

Blackbird – “Through RSPB Incompetence.” In2001 Placed on ‘Red List’ –
Of threatened – endangered species. –
NOW – Dead Extinct ‘List…’

Songbirds-Slaughter; View – Songbirds & RSPB!

Blackbirds are always first up before daybreak last to bed after dusk.

Checking at a distance never wanting to further stress them at this highly fraught time; the baby blackbirds looking quite shocked surprised at their sudden descent onto the paving stones, being oh so lost very still not moving and quite helpless there.

Perched around the edge of the nest acting quite excited were two smaller babies still trying out their wings hopefully if there was a last hatchling they were watching.
Both parents flying about watching them stressed frantically calling out low quite encouraging helping them.

Out of nowhere a magpie is in the nest. Three slung out the two on the ground already pulled apart.
Speeding towards it I’m unable to do anything already too late; It was all so quick! Both the blackbirds are fighting back in an instant, chasing after this huge magpie and letting out a cacophony of noise, the female returns crying out nonstop never leaving the yard searching high and low and into the nest repeatedly letting out this screeching high pitched sound.

They trust me to a degree after our time in the yard so I try helping by pulling out pots, plants so she can see the chicks have gone. The five are all dead. For hours and hours they never give up searching the nest, backyard flying frantically around calling out, later with food in their beaks.  – I could cry, I am…

Blackbirds mate for life and have now been nesting in the ivy for three years. Their ‘life’ which is never an easy one with each second fraught with cats, magpies, sparrowhawks, grey-squirrel infestation, all hawks, crows, jays, herring gulls, falcons, red kites, owls, woodpeckers, rats, fox, etc.

Along with pigeons, the even larger wood-pigeon and the ‘Parakeets’ all displacing our songbirds from their breeding sites.

‘Predators with ever more Scavengers forever everywhere severely constraining songbirds in their search for food causing them constant fear stress.’

British ‘Wildlife?’ Has been Allowed by ‘Do-Gooders.’ To become the more aggressive dominant present day Scavenger and Predator species ONLY!

Photo: Blackbird

Five hours later she’s perched at the top of a nearby fire escape. The ivy is an ‘oasis’ to them in this human congested concrete jungle.

She’s still letting out at two second intervals this awful plaintiff high pitched screeching note which goes on and on all day until night fall.

I’ve seen them at 2 – 3 am trying to feed to escape being killed. Intelligent songbirds. But their –
Being Terrorized – By ‘Predation!’

We are in dire need of – ‘Garden Songbirds’ they eat billions of our insects slugs bugs grubs pests. Were obligated to help them in this Our’ Senseless Sublime ‘folly.’ Just like the bees.

Feathers blood gore everywhere all over the ground for ‘us” to clear up. All the ivy covered with masses of soft brown feather down like an open feather pillow had been thrown about!

I’ve spent all my life trying to ‘save’ our Garden Songbirds but these days I’m so tired of the hardship their exposed to and have to endure and – crying about their loss that I want to give up.

“This happens each and every time with songbirds trying to fight off these Killers. But, they dont stand a chance, they are all so small minute against their Killers size and being without their killers hooked beaks and big strong long talons claws…”

Magpies – Rarely stop to eat the Songbirds and Sparrows they pull apart. Magpies; Black and white. Large with very long tail. Razor sharp beaks, razor sharp claws. They rarely ‘eat’ that which they KILL – weigh little.

Magpies ARE JUST A KILLING MACHINE – which is all they are. Of ‘Our’ Oh – SO Depleted Killed off Garden Songbirds!

Magpie: Latin meaning – ‘An appetite for substances unfit as food – Eating anything’ – Perfect reference – Predator magpies –
‘Being razor beaked dagger clawed.’ “Killing machines.”

“Magpies Again RSPB! ‘One’ wiped us out – Killing 5 baby Songbirds – Every Year the Same!”

“What can be done about too many predators and scavenger pests as their numbers go on rising unchecked by all lazy councils or just anyone? We don’t have many gamekeepers left that kept their numbers down. We have drastically interfered taken away any harmony or balance to nature.”

Grandiose ideas don’t help like ‘reintroductions’ of hawks from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Along with Wildlife Hospitals rereleasing back healthily into the wild forever more predator’s scavengers ‘magpies, grey-squirrels, herring-gulls, kites, sparrowhawks,’ ETC.
That – All Kill Sparrows and our Garden ‘SONGBIRDS !’

“This against the number of more delicate songbirds and smaller mammals bought into them.”

These “threatened – endangered species.” These ‘at risk’ species are not surviving so well their own accident ordeal and dying. As their own numbers decline destined not to be released back to a ‘healthy life.’ Unlike the much larger stronger aggressive predators and scavengers are!
So question – ‘Why do we – Protect only the able…?’

Photo: 1980 – Our first ‘old’ Blackbird central London who did live to well over 7 years and used to fall asleep on our steps. Then noticed for the first time that they have whiskers length above their beak just like cats and dogs have to judge how wide their body is.

WHY – For The Last 40 years It’s Only ‘Death For Songbirds?’ – The Twilight of ‘Our’ Garden Birds!

‘Wildlife charities with RSPB ‘reintroductions’ of red kites falcons buzzards which is a blind interference. Really, what do ‘they’ think they ALL ‘eat…?’

When no one even tries or can ‘save’ our sparrows OR songbirds.

Why do we just accept their ideas are justified they foist upon us? It’s an alarming ability of vested interests to push through their grandiose schemes at whatever cost. Never well thought through and without public consideration.

The RSPB have been successful in attracting 1.5 million members. We all were once members writing in along with thousands of our experience of witnessing the loss destruction of Sparrows, Songbirds. 

Citing killing by magpies, grey-squirrels and “their beloved RSPB protected since 1954′ sparrowhawks!” Waiting over three months each time for a reply.
Always the same from the RSPB. ‘No’ we were wrong to even question them.

They were right’ and waiting 20 years on yet another survey to prove it!

When we could see the truth of predation Killing all around us ‘with our own eyes.’ From concerned people all over the UK. Alas we were always, without fail –  Ignored. Like Defra having sparrows and starlings on its legal pest list. ‘Being able to kill them up until 2005′ –

The RSPB did nothing to save ‘Sparrows in Britain.” Today the RSPB cannot claim their actions in any way have proved effective in preventing the decline in songbird-populations. Just too successful in re-introducing raptor (hawk) species but dont find it convenient to tell their members that these –

‘Predatory birds will add to the killing of literary millions of garden songbirds every year.’

“So what IS being done for the declining species that can never recover their numbers? This continued imbalance forever spreads outwards…” CHECK ONLY ‘RECENT’ – 2010 research of present day – Songbird Numbers! At –

“To artificially encourage and try to justify large numbers of uncontrolled raptors (hawks) predators and corvids (magpies) when their prey of songbirds and sparrows is under appalling pressure and threat is disgustingly.” – ‘Bad management.’

Nothing escapes raptors or corvids beady eyes and lightning speed for any smaller lesser species to survive.

2006: Considerable Evidence – Stated – “Unless populations of predators are controlled theres little if any hope that small songbird numbers will ever be able to recover.” 

Magpies ‘Again’ RSPB ! ‘One’ wiped us out – Killing 5 baby Songbirds – “Every Year It’s The Same…”

©TPL April. 2010    Copyright © 2011 Songbirds Slaughter –

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    I read your article in my now silent garden having just witnessed FOR THE FIFTH TIME a fledgling blackbird being torn apart with the distressed mother a pitiful sight. Like you, I ran out as soon as I heard the commotion but too late. There are too many magpies but no one seems to be prepared to recognise the impact . – Oh, were so very sorry for YOU and what ‘we’ all have to see, injure, and even ‘put up with.’ As ALSO Their Own ‘RSPB’ Members Have to… This goes on as your so sadly well aware “Year in Year Out” and they do NOTHING? As time after time after time this IS All ‘we’ hear. Were afraid that as time does go by, that even less and less Songbirds are able to withstand this blind killing onslaught by – Ever MORE Predators, AND ALL THE Scavengers.
    Blame who? Do you know the guilty party as to why Britain is only Protecting scavengers Hawks Cats And just ‘thousands’ OF – Predators?


    Join – and give them our Blessing

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    We had a magpie try to raid a nest in our garden a coupel of weeks ago, resulting in the death of the mother. What was surpirsing is that the mother fought to the death protecting the nest which unfortunatly resulted in the egges not being hatched. Another amazing observation was thta the cries of the mother brought other local starlings and blackbirds to the scene, which joined in with th defence of the mother, unfortuantley a little too late as the magpie was hell-bend on killing it. I’ve never seen both blackbirds and starlings join forces liek that before, but I guess they are from the same lineage?

    From: –
    MAGPIES: An utter AND ONLY Killing Machine applied and of use in days of ‘Yore! As before 50 years ago WHEN their Magpie NUMBERS WERE then – “FAR LOWER”.
    Sadly – Thank-you for letting us know – BUT PLEASE Do Your bit and GET a Magpie Trap? “Someone has to do it” – US…!
    Even our Council told us that YEARS ago ‘some’ (THEY KNOW) ALWAYS PUT OUT ‘whatever’ AND ‘THEY’ STILL LIE.
    LIE IN saying ‘you cannot’ – “KEEP DOWN Your MAGPIES”.
    Magpies weigh NOTHING they ARE nothing but skin and bone MAGPIES An utter (and only) ‘A Killing Machine’. This ‘KILLING’ – WHEN their and Magpie NUMBERS WERE FAR LOWER! When Multi Birds of all types were around helping us in so may ways (Just Read our Articles).
    THAT IS “WRONG – AND ‘THEY'(that lie about it) ARE WRONG.”
    Enough IS ENOUGH. THIS enough to make us ALL CRY that witness the Killing going on. THAT IS “WRONG –
    AND ‘THEY’that “IGNORE” the Truth ARE so Very WRONG.”
    Best to you from Ava

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