‘Preyed’ On Songbirds! RSPBs Mark Avery professes ‘bird lover’ – but “loves sparrowhawks more!”

‘Preyed’ On Songbirds! RSPBs Mark Avery professes ‘bird lover’ – but “loves sparrowhawks more!”

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Don’t ‘Prey’ On Songbirds.” Daily Mail: 2010 March.

The RSPB’s Mark Avery professes to be a bird lover but wants people to love the sparrowhawk. The biggest butcher of all our songbirds.

Perhaps he likes seeing a sparrowhawk eat a songbird, which takes half an hour to die as it is gradually eaten away.

The hawk holds it down with its talons while eating the flesh and the prey can’t get free. ‘I’ve seen it too often from my windows.’

‘Why does the RSPB not protect songbirds as it does birds of prey?’

“Songbird populations are down by as much as 90 per cent, while every bird of prey species is at the highest known levels since numbers were recorded.
With the possible exception of the kestrel.

The RSPB took the parakeet off the protected list –
‘because it was damaging crops.’
Or was it because they discovered it could take the leg off a sparrowhawk with its nut-cracking beak when it was attacked?

The day the RSPB starts protecting songbirds is the day I return to its membership.
But, it spends its millions on rearing sea kites, sea eagles, peregrines, goshawks, sparrowhawks, buzzards, etc.

We see TV coverage of pick-up trucks loaded with poultry offal being shovelled out daily to feed kites, which would die if they weren’t fed because there isn’t enough carrion in nature to sustain their numbers.

Peregrines are brought into cities to nest in custom-built boxes on high rise buildings because there aren’t enough natural coastal cliffs to house their needs.

Goshawks are brought to farming locations, near chicken and pheasant-rearing farms, to provide food for their young.

The almost ‘extinct’ corncrake breeding Island of Islay was purchased for the RSPB, but after daily disturbances by the charities staff, the birds decamped and moved away elsewhere.

Sea Eagles failed when brought to Mull, so now they are being brought to Suffolk.

They tried Norfolk, but farmers threatened to shoot the lot for their lamb-killing habits.

‘Lapwings are now in small numbers, but who cares?’ Farmers do.

The RSPB? Not likely, they don’t have the talons or hook beaks.

“It lobbies Parliament to have the law changed to protect predators.”

But songbirds? No way.

Daily Mail: 2010 March. – W. Cowell, Wincanton Somerton

Don’t ‘Prey’ On Songbirds! – RSPB’s Mark Avery professes to be ‘bird lover!’ “But wants people to love sparrowhawks?” – Daily Mail 2010

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  1. Woodsman USA says:

    Make new cat-ownership AND care-taking of feral-cats a felony, with fines and prison for anyone failing to comply until this ecological-disaster they created is brought under control by any and all means possible. Shoot-on-sight is, without a doubt, the fastest, most economical (0.3 cent to 3 cents one-time-expense per cat depending on ammo prices), and most effective method available.

  2. Ashia fan says:

    He who lies on the ground must expect to be trodden on. – German Proverb…

  3. ills says:

    So Mark Avery says he ‘loves Sparrow Hhawks’? If he did and you’ve quoted him in your headline as having said so, then that’s good news

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