Song Thrush – ‘Splendid Serene Mimics’ waders to telephone ring tones – 75% DEAD! ‘Threatened Endangered since 2001’ “Dyeing…”

Song Thrush – ‘Splendid Serene Mimics’ waders to telephone ring tones – 75% DEAD! ‘Threatened Endangered since 2001’ “Dyeing…”

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Song Thrush

2010 BTO: Number Dead 75%!

‘‘Huge falls have been recorded for our Song Thrush.”

Heartbreaking yet another one of our past most treasured songsters.

‘Rapid serious decline since 1970s.’ ON-This Monstrous Death – Red List!

Our So Confident So Cheerful Songbird. Both identical. Perched in the highest tree singing flutey resounding songs and rattling calls.

Our lost stylish beloved Song Thrush.WAS’ one of Britain’s favourites with their smaller spotting and white throat. Dark side stripes and as well an orangey underside of their wings and feathersBrowner than the Mistle Thrush.

“Splendidly serene confident cheerful songster switching 100 times in their repertoire.Uttering phrases 3 times – 2010 March 10th.

“Wonderful mimics from waders to telephone ring tones. Clear loud sonorous song repeating phrases and medley late into the March – August night.”

Help Song ‘&’ Mistle Thrushes – “Heartbreaking on this – Red – ‘Dyeing out List’ Since – 2001 ! – YES TRULY – DISGUSTING AND DISGRACEFUL” –
WHY ? – Just THEN Ask – the RSPB…?

‘Very Tame AND Trusting.’ They need worms, bugs, slugs, insects and pests. Your snails. Autumn fruit- So please leave your windfall. ‘STOP’ Pesticides; Slug Pellets and Spraying use. Unless you make sure your using organic makes only !

William Wordsworth: St Peter’s Church and churchyard built in 1196. Became one of the many churches destroyed in the Great Fire of London of 1666. In 1797 – Wordsworth wrote of this churchyard and tree: At the corner of Wood Street –

‘When daylight appears Hangs a thrush that sings loud, it has sung for 3 years:
Poor Susan has passed by the spot and heard in the silence of the morning the song of the bird;
The ‘spot’ being St Peter’s, Cheapside London. As – Within the City walls were St Paul’s Cathedral and ninety-seven parish churches before the Great Fire –  ‘Reverie of Poor Susan.’

2011: William Wordsworth – “We think its more – ‘Poor’ old Song Thrush. Barbaric – Endemic Apathy…!” – 

But appallingly most have been ‘Killed off Silenced’ – Songbirds! “Especially by rural and urban predation.” – ‘Few Even Survive Their First Winter.’

Needed: ‘Sensible’ culling of the too many predators, scavengers which are all catching killing eating our Garden Songbirds from magpies, grey-squirrels, crows, sparrowhawks, herring-gulls, rats, jays, fox. Cats. Etc.Along with ‘Parakeets’ displacing –

Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled. “To accept anything else as normal ‘nature’ is delusional.
British ‘wildlife’ has been permanently allowed to become only predators and scavengers!”

Were IN Dire Need Of Garden Birds – They consume billions of our unwanted slug bug creepy crawly moths flies insect pests. Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.” – Accepting Now – “Some Form of Control is Vital.”

“Their prey of Sparrows and Songbirds has collapsed and its these more Delicate Species that Desperately need our Protection!”

Were obligated to help them in this OUR – Senseless Sublime ‘Folly.’ Now – Just like the bees. Think care – do something?

Song Thrush – “Splendidly serene confident cheerful songster switching 100 times in their repertoire.” – Uttering Phrases 3 times

YES 75% DEAD! – ‘Threatened and Endangered Since – 2001’ Dyeing off ? THEN Question the RSPB – ‘WHY…?’ – Join

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