Goldfinch – “Delicate sociable beauty charm in abundance” – ‘Almost tropical in appearance with dancing flight’

Goldfinch – “Delicate sociable beauty charm in abundance” – ‘Almost tropical in appearance with dancing flight’

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB


Delicate sociable little Goldfinch has beauty charm in abundance.
‘Almost tropical in appearance along with a dancing flight.’

Extracts seeds from teasels with their long fine bill.

Delightful liquid tinkling twittering song and calls.

‘Because of their colourful plumage and enchanting singing’ – 
Humans again once caged. Weighs same as 20p coin.

Dismally UK – Goldfinch On BTO ‘Medium Alert? –

BUT – ‘Which Year Was This? – Their Numbers Are Unknown.
As usual untruths. – As ‘No one knows…’

But appallingly most have been ‘Killed off Silenced’ – Songbirds!

“Especially by rural and urban predation.”

Predation ‘killing’ is tragically a major problem for Sparrows and Songbirds in Britain. Throughout the world.

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year!
Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’

Predators such as crows, magpies, falcons, sparrowhawks, grey-squirrel infestation. – Along with ‘Parakeets’ displacing –

All hawks, cats, jays, herring-gulls, red-kites, owls, woodpeckers, rats; Etc.‘The list seems endless from photographic proof.’

“Sparrowhawks ‘Eat’ Sparrows. ‘Mostly just ripping them to shreds !’ The Main Reason Why – ‘I’ Have Been – Wiped out of Sparrows from over thirteen years ago. Along with most of Britain – I’m witness to this along with and include thousands of people.

“Sparrowhawks – As one of the main reasons ‘we’ have no Sparrows…” Just – Connect the word ‘sparrow’ here.

“We alone have caused this through our sublime folly. With the RSPB legal ‘protection’ of sparrowhawks.” Now – Since the Year ‘1954…’

Charles Lindbergh 

“I realized that if I had to choose, I would rather have Songbirds than airplanes.”

SO WHO ARE – Our own and songbirds only hope? As it doesn’t pay anyone to keep ever increasing – ‘Predator Scavenger numbers down.’

“Forever their killing of all other species. That their own numbers desperately need to be culled.”
Get in touch joining only grass root charities –

Songbirds and Sparrows and ‘our’ only hope left…

2012: Join the only British Charity – Doing Recent – 2012 Scientific Research.

‘Criminally Songbirds are all mostly going down in number.’ Few survive their first winter. Heading For Extinction? Disgusting Apathy!”

‘We are in dire need of Garden Birds they consume ‘billions’ of our unwanted slug bug creepy crawly flies moths insect pests.’ And – Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.

Were obligated to help them in this OUR – Senseless ‘folly.’ Just like the bees. Songbirds do so much for ‘us’ – Just like the Bees.

Goldfinch – “Delicate Sociable little Goldfinch – Beauty Charm in Abundance” – Almost Tropical in Appearance and ‘Dancing Flight

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