Nightingale – “Biggest falls since records began of any UK Songbird!” – 1967-2007… ‘Dead 91%’  – “RSPB Catastrophe !”

Nightingale – “Biggest falls since records began of any UK Songbird!” – 1967-2007… ‘Dead 91%’ – “RSPB Catastrophe !”


Famous outstanding beautiful gorgeous operatic singing is truly remarkable.

Powerful melodious varied rich dulcet singing for hours on end with an – Astonishing – 260 variations.”

‘A fast succession of high low lyrical notes few songbirds can match.’

Captivating Nightingales sing almost as much by day as by night.

Nest: On or near ground in thick vegetation, thicket. Brood: ‘One’ (1).
Arriving in Britain every year – On 18th April. ‘Songbirds they know…’ So much.

2010: BTO figures disclose between 1967-2007 Nightingale populations of England.”
“Fell by – 91% !” –

“Biggest fall in numbers since records began of any bird still breeding in Britain.
Apart from the Tree Sparrow whose numbers have been decimated by – 93% !

Q: Where ‘IS’ the RSPB in all this? – Birds were once part of our natural heritage. So what happened RSPB?

For every 10 nightingales which were singing in Britain 40 years ago –
‘One’ is doing so now!
– The ‘Royal Society Protection of Birds. Really…?

The Charter of the RSPB claims the object of the society is “to maintain bird numbers diversity and national geographical distribution.”
‘Are the RSPB Saving ANY Songbirds – What so ever AT ALL?’

Keats: ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ – Gave the poet a vision of the timelessness of beauty.

Destruction: And Our Own – Desolation. Were sick of such senseless shameful human ‘folly’ – Still speechless. Songbirds-Slaughter

“Decline of coppicing and woodland management.” – Increased Grazing – ‘From introduced Species.’ Culprits – Munkjack, Deer-fallow, Sika, Chinese water deer, etc – “Have reduced density of shrubs and thickets. – “The woodlands that Nightingales inhabited.” – 

Researched as to reasons – Only find this; Apart from ‘Predation’ – Killing from all predators on our British Garden Songbirds.

Munkjack, Deer-fallow, Sika, Chinese water deer, etc. ‘Breed all year and likewise are advancing at 1 km a Year!’

“Inevitable effect on all our ground nesting birds, our trees and our woodlands, our flower species. Etc…”

Help Nightingales: ‘Retain bushy hawthorn and thick vegetation, thickets, waste ground, copses.’ Soil rich beetles, insects, ants.

George Martin “The waste land that was left after the war. It was a bit like one always thinks of war stark scenery and no birds, no trees, no leaves.
Nothing living.
And just emptiness.”

‘A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.’ The wartime song – Most unlikely to be true. By the 1940’s Nightingales had long since disappeared as – Songbirds still breeding in London.

Nightingale – BTO Disclose between 1967-2007 Dead 91%! ‘RSPB Catastrophe!’ – “Biggest Falls Since Records Began of Any Songbird In Britain!”

Apart from the Tree Sparrow – Whose Numbers Have Been Decimated – 93%!” – Our Sublime Shame And Human Folly!

SO humans WHAT ARE “YOU DOING ABOUT IT” ?????? will anything (from us) EVER change…?

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