Yellow Wagtail – “Since 1970s Disasterous 75% Dead!” Carnage ‘RED’ Dead – By Grisly Shameful – 75%!

Yellow Wagtail – “Since 1970s Disasterous 75% Dead!” Carnage ‘RED’ Dead – By Grisly Shameful – 75%!

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Yellow Wagtail

‘All wagtails are dainty and delicate but the yellow is the most graceful of them all.’ – “Golden yellow as a field of dandelions.”
Sweet robin-like singing.

As Always – ‘Of conservation Concern.’ – To ‘Who’ Exactly?
Yellow Wagtail Has ‘declined.’ Dead. – By Grisly Shameful 75%!

”Huge falls have been recorded for our Yellow Wagtails.”
2010: BTO – ‘‘Dead – 75%!”

But NO One – Did Anything! Did the RSPB With their Billions?
Disastrous Carnage – Red List. YET EVER – ‘Again’ Species.

‘RED’ Since 1970s. Disaster For ‘Our’ Golden Yellow Wagtails = WHY…?

Along with Wildlife Hospitals re-releasing back healthily into the wild forever more – Predators and Scavengers

The Magpies, grey-squirrels, herring-gulls, kites, sparrowhawks, crows, jays, rats, badgers, fox.’ Etc. That“All EAT SPARROWS.” – And our Garden – ‘SONGBIRDS!’ – “This against the number of more delicate Songbirds and smaller mammals bought into them. The species – Unable to adapt cope or compete.” – That Die…

‘Thought is needed urgently for Songbirds to help what is left and to get some sparrows back again as presently no help or regard is given for any species unable to adapt cope or compete to breed again and to quietly hide and rest in peace.’

They need scrubs bushes with berries pyracanthus and rowan trees, etc. Think of Wildlife’s needs and not just humans for once though surveys confirm –

Visiting parks squares country hopefully being able to see songbirds or even hear birdsong relieves our own stress levels by 70%.”

Roger Tory Peterson: Birds are indicators of the environment. ‘If they are in trouble, we know we’ll soon be in trouble.’

“Our letters of concern (along with thousands) from 1985 onwards to the RSPB about the tragic loss of all our Sparrows and Songbirds show that nothing from them has changed.” As even then the situation was getting all too obvious. ‘And now the situation is ever more – A criminal disaster.’

‘Just one way to make our cities more kind and thoughtful is to bring back some of all our lost Songbirds as well as far more trees wildlife areas dense thick bushes.’ British ‘Wildlife’ has been allowed to become only Predators and Scavengers. Which is ALL we ever do see and hear.

Songbirds. Sparrows really do not stand a chance in all our – Cities Towns Open-Spaces Parks and Squares. We must do something to redress this shaming imbalance. Extinction for our Garden Birds.

Many Songbird Species Already – ‘Barely ANY Left In Britain?’ – “Tragically Nothing Ever Changes !” Since 1970s Disastrous ‘RED’ Carnage! ‘‘Dead by 75%!” – Yellow Wagtail

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  1. THANKS. Its really sad to hear about whats happening to All our “the” songbirds.I wonder also why all the members of the RSPB sit idly by and dont revolt? That the RSPB do NOTHING to stop this SHOCKING SLAUGHTER?? AS THATS ALL IT IS “OUR” own RSPB SLAUGHTER.

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    I enjoy your composing style, do carry on creating! I is going to be back!

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    I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

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