Long-Tailed Tit – Nest fine lichen woven moss intricately bound wool & cobwebs – ‘Lined with Two Thousand expanding feathers…!’

Long-Tailed Tit – Nest fine lichen woven moss intricately bound wool & cobwebs – ‘Lined with Two Thousand expanding feathers…!’

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Long-tailed Tit=

Beautiful under-sized tiny our little – Long-tailed Tit. A great songster
just 50p.

Once they were able to be seen all year round – In our woodland our park areas and in all our gardens!

‘Long-tailed TitVastly Happiest when they are all chattering together and staying in small flocks.’

“Quickest way to spot this wonderfully exquisite dinky Songbird is by its unusually long tail – It’s far longer than its body.”

Long-tailed Tit build a distinctive domed nest which is an elaboration of the basic cup-nest design – 2009 December 6th

‘Created by roofing over the structure and providing a side entrance. The outside decorated with a beautiful covering of tiny fragments of lichen which help it to blend in with the surrounding vegetation.’

“The material used by the Long-tailed Tit to construct its nest makes it quite an elastic structure which expands to accommodate their chicks.
And then – ‘Inside the nest it is lined with well over two thousand feathers!’

“The – Nest itself is an intricate blend of moss bound together with spider’s cobwebs and fine lichen and then beautifully woven intricately bound wool and cobwebs to blend in with the foliage.”Present Numbers for ‘OUR’ Lost Glorious – Long-Tailed Tit …? Anyones Guess.

“Few Songbirds survive their first winter.”

Gandhi wrote – “The morality of a country is judged by the way it treats its animals.” – Then we should think carefully about the way we are treating ours.
“Our wildlife and especially our wildlife that is just hanging on…”

Biodiversity is under massive threat everywhere with amphibians, mammals and bees in the frontline as the worlds remotest places are developed for mining, forestry, and habitations or are severed by roads.

But no vertebrate has suffered more than birds which have evolved over millions of years from dinosaurs which specialised in certain foods and habitats. Because they are relatively conspicuous are mostly active by day they have been long prized by humans for food, our collections and their cultural connection.

“The sheer magnitude of bird extinctions that have taken place is utterly and wickedly shocking.”

Many more recently extinct species await description and a number of critically endangered species will probably disappear in the next decade.

“A human-induced mass extinction is taking place…”

In the last millennium the impact of humans on the natural world has accelerated out of control at a rate unprecedented in the earths long history.

Before humans evolved on the planet mass extinction events were caused by things like – extra-terrestrial impacts, volcanism and changes of climate and sea level.

Now we recognize a new agent of mass destruction – Ourselves.”

“Nature and ‘leave it to nature’ has never existed. Mankind has interfered and dictated for all time. Now we must continue –
TO CORRECT all that we have thrown at and used up from – Nature.

Having created this chronic – ‘Imbalance’ –

“Against those species unable to adapt cope or compete and tragically to even be allowed to survive for much longer.”

Long Tailed Tit – “Unknown Present Day Numbers” – ANYONES GUESS…! Nest fine lichen woven moss intricately bound wool & cobwebs – ‘Lined with over – Two Thousand Expanding Feathers!’

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