Crested Tit – “Very distinctive facial markings – Upstanding dinky crest!”

Crested Tit – “Very distinctive facial markings – Upstanding dinky crest!”

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Crested Tit=

Crested tits may not be as colourful in appearance as their tit cousins.
But they more than make up for it with their very distinctive dainty manner.

Adorned with their glorious facial markings.
Along with their stunning upstanding wonderful little crest.

Crested Tit – “Love to feed from insects in the bark of pine trees so they stay around pine forests. Also they like feeding from garden bird feeders and tables.” Singing quitely along with a soft ‘trill.’

Petite Crested Tit – “Very distinctive embellished facial markings.” With an upstanding appealing weeny crest – ‘But’ Numbers? – ARE UNKNOWN!

Were in this depleted world of – NO Sparrows – OR Songbirds.

“With So – Many Species Utterly Unable To Adapt Cope Or Compete To Sustain Their Numbers.”

 Not Many – Songbird chicks will get born this year – British ‘Wildlife’ – ?

“A multitude of predators and scavengers have been allowed to breed.” In Our Parks, Squares, Gardens – And take over our countryside.

“We are all now invaded with grey-squirrels, magpies, sprrowhawks, jays, crows, herring gulls, cats, rats, foxes, badgers, etc! Forever more of ‘them.’ – Unchecked.” “Do people bother to think what all these extra – ‘Predators and Scavengers’ – pester and eat? –

As usual all too damn sad and tragic. Give the killing predator – ‘Victims’ A Chance. When? – ‘Do the RSPB even care…?’

Grey-Squirrels 2006: Research showed that they ‘wiped out 85% of Songbirds.’ As their own numbers soared. There is no room for complacency about the damage being wrecked by grey-squirrels and their population being allowed to spiral out of control.
With many other species now threatened with extinction they are a tap dripping out a noxious substance.

This has gone on since 1879 when first bought into Britain. Brutish grey squirrels are one of the biggest threats to Songbirds which are barely hanging on to survival – Against forever more ‘Predators and Scavengers’ which councils don’t control or anyone keeps down?

Sparrowhawks have wiped us all out of our lost sparrows. Even the RSPB who gave this raptor legal protection in “1954.

Still refuse to start ‘saving.’- Our Songbirds. And in this day and age when songbird numbers have crashed to take this protection off…?

2010 The Forestry Commission estimates there are only 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain. With more than 5 million greys. – A number which continues to rise…

“Magpies sparrowhawks wiped us out of Sparrows Songbirds in our area too many years ago!

NO! Not one of them were ‘maimed or injured’ as B Oddy states that old chestnut.
Predators kill. Their never selective asking their victim if it’s poorly.”

“Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled. Accept anything else as Normal and ‘Nature’ – Is, Disillusioned.”

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