Grey Wagtail – ‘Longest tail continually actively wagged of wagtails’ – True – ‘Numbers’? “All Data So Out of Date!”

Grey Wagtail – ‘Longest tail continually actively wagged of wagtails’ – True – ‘Numbers’? “All Data So Out of Date!”

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Grey Wagtail

‘Longest tail continually actively wagged of wagtails.’
Improves their deft agility movements flying in pursuit of insects.

Song a delightful high melodious trilling given in flight and while perched singing.

Grey-back yellow white radiant wagging Wagtail. ‘Nests hollow in ground.’

Impressive Wonderful Grey Wagtail – ‘Singing in flight delightful trilling.’ 

Immoral RSPB – Britain. ‘They’ List as – Amber. Dont-you-believe-it.
Not an ‘Amber’ – low risk species. Ugh…!

Q: Which year exactly was the Grey Wagtail Listed? – ‘When!’

All Data (And the RSPB). Is So Out of Date!”

“Feeding Songbirds are particularly vulnerable to predation – Killing by Grey-squirrels, cats, magpies, sparrowhawks, jays, crows; (etc).

As so many killers are lurking around on the prowl to eat them ‘Songbirds’ for their own meal.”

Site food in an open spot away from bushes which can conceal cats waiting to pounce. Also – Grey-squirrels are a serous bird table pest.

‘Use reinforced anti-grey-squirrel feeders with wire mesh holes too small for them but allow access for Songbirds.’ – Not close to the house and please remember well away from any bushes that conceal marauding cats…
Make sure as well that your seeds nuts and peanuts come from a reliable source –
‘As some harbour infectious fungi which can kill Songbirds.’

Winter Feeding: Bread is better than nothing.
“But seeds, mixes, fat-balls, peanuts provide a higher energy diet to keep them alive in cold winter months.”
“Putting out food in your garden in the winter months may be literally the difference between life and death for ‘our’ songbirds.”

“Feeding during winter has proved to be crucial for the survival of so many of our Songbird species.”

Supply water as well as its essential to Songbirds as they must drink and bathe. Use bird bathes or an upturned dustbin lid supported on bricks.
Do remember on frosty mornings to break the ice as provision of water is especially vital in winter when natural sources of moisture may all be frozen.

Note: Bird table hygiene is important as dirty fouled feeders and tabes can carry disease. Wash with weak detergent every two weeks.

Alfred A Montapert – “Animals are reliable many full of love true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful loyal.
Difficult standards for people to live up to.”

Yes – We have to appreciate them – ‘Garden Songbirds’ and their behaviour ever more.
“Awe-inspiring mysterious even to our human understanding.”

“Longest tail continually actively wagged of wagtails” –Their True Present Day Numbers are Unknown…? – “RSPB and Their Data Is So ‘Old’ and Out of Date!”

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