Pied Wagtail – Frantic Tail Wagging Black & White Songbird – UK’s Only!

Pied Wagtail – Frantic Tail Wagging Black & White Songbird – UK’s Only!

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Pied Wagtail

Sprightly small long-tailed UK’s delightful only black and white fabulous looking Songbird. To build their nests they require cracks in holes walls and pipes.

Frantically wagging their tail ever changing direction with a dainty quick stepping walk. ‘Their head dipping forward along with every step.’

Pied Wagtails then pause a moment before running again at surprising speed.

“Joy to watch as they dart into the air for insects showing their remarkable agility.” Chirpy cheerful flight calls and musical song.

We miss our lost delightfully dapper – ‘Bustling-up-&-down-wagging beauty.’

Help Pied Wagtails: Insectivorous – Songbirds have it especially hard –
In winter needing – ‘Gnats’ and Insect food – ‘All Year.’

Pied Wagtail – Yet another Ghastly UK – Amber (?) If you believe it – WE DONT! ‘AMBER?’ – Alert list species…!

Pied Wagtail – UK’s “Only Frantic Tail Wagging Black & White Songbird.” Yet Another Rarely Seen! Ghastly Loss! – JUST WHY ?
Unknown Present DayNumbers…

Roger Tory Peterson – “Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we’ll soon be in trouble.”

The Sun: 2011 October 5: Wildlife ‘expert’ Chris Packham has ‘at last’ woken up to ‘Predation’ – Killing of our Garden Songbirds – ‘In 2011!’
Regarding all the far too many stronger species that have been allowed to breed unmolested taking over in our parks squares open areas wiping out – ‘Those species lesser able to adapt cope or compete.’

Against the more dominant over abundant aggressive species – ‘Agreeing the only option left is for culling.’

Maybe then (at last) he can also stop criticizing the likes of us daily seeing and with our own eyes the rapid decline of songbirds from all of our towns cities and countryside. “Always we were branded as wrong or misinformed in referring to the dire situation for our Songbirds.”

Oscar Wilde – “The world is divided into two classes those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable…”

Speaking the truth in saying for over 40+ years the ‘b’ obvious about predation! What is left NOW of the RSPBs killing ‘judgment’ on our now tragically lost – Dead Songbirds?

“We started this website with true sadness and passion to try and help towards – Saving tragically the dying off of songbirds! In my lifetime I’ve become sick of forever hearing ‘you don’t see them like you used to’ – Whenever the dire lack of songbirds and sparrows are mentioned.”

Always to reasons why? And tons of excuses. That our gardens all our parks squares open spaces are bereft of beautiful Songbirds and their song.

Their help that ‘we’ desperately need just like the many lost bees! Contribute your help and money – While you can before there is nothing left!

Join only grass roots charities. We support – http://www.songbird-survival.org.uk – Join the only UK Charity – ‘Doing Recent Scientific Research.’

“IF we are to help Songbirds survive let alone increase their numbers. Its time
policy makers at the RSPB take off their 1954 protection of unrestricted birds of prey. – ‘
Their beloved sparrowhawks.’

“Raptor Numbers Since THEN –1954!’ Have Dramatically Increased” – Mankind It’s Time to Start Being Realistic.

Along with Wildlife Hospitals re-releasing back healthily into the wild forever more predators and scavengers the – ‘Magpies, red-kites, grey-squirrels, herring-gulls, sparrowhawks, fox.’ Etc. – That All EAT – Garden ‘SONGBIRDS!’

“This against the number of our more delicate songbirds and smaller mammals bought into them.” That die.

Were in dire need of Garden Birds – They consume billions of our unwanted slug bug creepy crawly insect pests. Accepting some form of control is vital.
“Their prey of Sparrows and Songbirds has collapsed and its these more delicate species that desperately need our protection!”

‘Sensible’ culling of the too many predators, scavengers which are all catching killing songbirds from magpies cats grey-squirrels crows sparrowhawks herring-gulls parakeets rats jays. Etc! – “Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled.”

“To Accept Anything Else as Normal ‘nature’ Is Delusional – British ‘Wildlife’ Has Been Permanently Allowed to Become – Only Predators And Scavengers!”

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