Pied Flycatcher – DEAD 60%! ‘Fragile last 25 Years’ – Fly Catching Striking black & white tiny – How Many?

Pied Flycatcher – DEAD 60%! ‘Fragile last 25 Years’ – Fly Catching Striking black & white tiny – How Many?

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Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Pied Flycatcher

Our beautiful flycatching striking little golden black and white Pied Flycatchers.

Bold white patch on forehead white-edged tail black upperparts large long white patch on wings. Black bill and legs.

Smaller with smaller bills and tails than Spotted Flycatcher, smaller than a Sparrow. Darting about in the tree canopy. Sonorous songster with sweet touching warble.

This touching teeny ball of black and white ‘fluff.’
Flying the treacherous long route and journey alone to reach us in Britain –

All the way from – ‘West Africa’ – Can ‘you’ imagine it?
And later then to fly all the same route home again…

Their ‘‘Numbers are fragile!” – Brood ONE; 1.

‘Population decreased 30%!’ Last 25 years… DEAD 60%.

Help Pied Flycatchers: Chicks need high protein diet. Insectivorous – Mainly Insects. Caterpillars flies bees beetles woodlice millipedes ants most insects.

Autumn seeds fruit currants. Uses old holes in trees. Nestbox on tree trunks.

Dead or how many – Alive? On this – Un-Believable ‘Amber Crap – List?

And the old chestnut ‘Species of Conservation Concern…’ Then their – RSPB Concern’ – Stinks!  ‘Amber’ WE DISPUTE! Our – Pied Flycatcher –
Nearly All Are already ‘Dead…!’
Photos: Pied Flycatcher Males and Female

‘Thought is urgently needed for Songbirds to help what is left and to get some sparrows back again as presently no help or regard is given for any species unable to adapt cope or compete to breed again and to quietly hide and rest in peace.’

They need scrubs bushes with berries pyracanthus and rowan trees, etc.

Think of Wildlife’s needs and not just humans for once though surveys confirm visiting the countryside parks squares and hopefully being able to see Songbirds or even hear birdsong relieves our own stress levels by 70%…”

Alice Walker – “The Animals of the planet are in desperate peril –
Without free animal life I believe we will lose the spiritual equivalent of oxygen.”

Grandiose ideas don’t help like ‘reintroductions’ of different species of – ‘Hawk’ –
From the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

Along with Wildlife Hospitals re-releasing back healthily into the wild forever more – Predator’s and Scavengers ‘magpies grey-squirrels herring-gulls kites sparrowhawks fox.’ Etc, etc. That“All EAT SPARROWS” – And our Garden – ‘SONGBIRDS!’

“This against the number of more delicate Songbirds and smaller mammals bought into them. Unable to adapt cope or compete” – That – ‘Die…!’

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  1. I don’t particularly like Bill Oddie as a broadcaster and public domain know ALL. And he probably does not understand public sensibilities towards Songbirds.

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