Dartford Warbler – 1960s Numbers crashed “to a few pairs !” Alarming ‘Magnitude of Bird Extinctions’ – Human Greed Thoughtlessness… ‘Agent of Mass Destruction’ – Ourselves!

Dartford Warbler – 1960s Numbers crashed “to a few pairs !” Alarming ‘Magnitude of Bird Extinctions’ – Human Greed Thoughtlessness… ‘Agent of Mass Destruction’ – Ourselves!

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Dartford Warbler

UK British Resident – Long-tailed Dartford Warbler –
Bobbing amongst bushes perched high singing on gorse stems.

An – Endearing high clear rich song just like the Cetti’s.
‘Lifting our spirits with a liquid dancing display flight.’

“Numbers crashed to a few pairs in the 1960s.” This Amber – ‘tactic’ –
Really NOT ‘Amber’ Again (?) – IT’S RED DEAD Numbers Unknown…?

Dartford Warbler – ‘Despairingly an odious adverse absence!’

Winter Feeding – “Putting out food in your garden in the winter months may be literally the difference between life and death for songbirds.”

Bread is better than nothing. But seed mixes fat balls peanuts provide a higher energy diet to keep them alive in cold winter months.

Also dont forget the warmer times. In-fact all year round they need our help as ALL insects have become fewer in number for them – 11 October 2009.

‘Feeding birds are particularly vulnerable to predation killing by cats magpies sparrowhawks as many killers lurk around on the prowl for their own meal.’

As different bird species feed in different ways some on the ground some in bushes or trees then food should be offered at a variety of levels. Well stocked bird table with hanging baskets and feeders plus food scattered on ground below ensures plenty of nourishment for all Songbird species.

Supply fresh water as well as its essential for Songbirds as they must drink and bathe. Use bird bathes or an upturned dustbin lid supported on bricks.

‘Site in an open spot away from bushes which can conceal cats waiting to pounce. Grey-squirrels are a serous bird table pest. Use reinforced anti squirrel feeders with wire mesh holes too small for them but allow access for songbirds.’ – Not close to the house and well away from marauding cats.

Make sure that your seeds peanuts come from a reliable source as some harbour infectious fungi which harms our Garden Songbirds – 20th October 2009.
“Remember on frosty mornings to break the ice as provision of water is especially vital in winter when natural sources of moisture may all be frozen.”

Emily Dickinson – “I Hope You Love Songbirds Too. It Is Economical. It Saves Going To Heaven.”

‘Angry Birds’ ? – “These Lost Birds Have Every Right To Be…” Observer: 2012 February 19: By John Vidal

“1,000 bird species known by exhibits, written accounts, illustrations, skeletons, eggs or sub-fossil remains to have existed but which have vanished in the last 700 years.” Human greed and thoughtlessness are responsible for the loss of species that could have been saved, and the extinction rate is increasing alarmingly. Here are some we have already nearly lost forever.

Songbirds such as larks blackbirds linnets finches thrushes pipits wrens redstarts tits warblers wagtails skylarks woodlarks are just some of over a hundred different species that were once a beautiful part of nature. Adding to nature’s and our own wonderful soundscape.

Julian Hume research fellow at the Natural History Museum. – “The Sheer Magnitude Of Bird Extinctions That Have Taken Place Is Shocking.”

Many more recently extinct species await description and a number of critically endangered species will probably disappear in the next decade. “A human-induced mass extinction is taking place…”

“ANGRY BIRDS?” THESE LOST KILLED OFF ‘Songbirds’ HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE HERE… “In the last millennium the impact of humans on the natural world has accelerated out of control at a rate unprecedented in the earths long history.

Before humans evolved on the planet mass extinction events were caused by things like extra-terrestrial impacts, volcanism and changes of climate and sea level. Now we recognize a new agent of mass destruction – Ourselves.” ‘Conservation International’ – Will Turner –

“When A Bird Species Goes We Are All Diminished.”

“Organisms are all connected to each other. Lose one species and it can have an effect on many others. When the dodo went it meant that a tree could no longer disperse its seeds. Take one piece out and the entire system becomes less resistant. Gradual loss of species can result in decreased resilience, productivity.”

Martin Fowlie of BirdLife International: The organisation that assesses bird populations worldwide.
“The natural rate of bird extinctions is about one per century.

But in the last 30 years 21 bird species are known to have become extinct and 189 are classed as – on the very edge of extinction.
Most of these could be lost forever without immediate action within 10 years…”

“Usually mass extinctions take place over millions of years. Nothing has ever happened like this. They are being lost at an irreplaceable rate. One in eight of all the words 9.920 bird species are “threatened.”
381 are classed as
“endangered” and a further 683 are “vulnerable.

In fact a lot of bird species have been saved. We know what to do, we understand what the problem is, we only need action and money.
It’s possible that £20 million would save them all.

Biodiversity is under massive threat everywhere with amphibians, mammals and bees in the front-line as the worlds remotest places are developed for mining, forestry, and habitations or are severed by roads.

But no vertebrate has suffered more than birds, which have evolved over millions of years from dinosaurs and which specialised in certain foods and habitats. Because they are relatively large, conspicuous and are mostly active by day they have been long prized by humans for food, collections and their cultural connection.

Most threatened bird species are in the tropics because that is where there is most biodiversity, but loses in the last 200 years have been distributed widely across the Pacific, Latin America and Africa. Such is the rate of deforestation and intrusion into earths last wild areas that huge numbers of species other than birds are being lost before they are even recorded.

Dartford Warbler – “Numbers crashed ‘to a few pairs’ In the 1960s” An – ‘Odious Adverse Absence…!’ Alarming Magnitude of Bird Extinctions – Human Greed Thoughtlessness… ‘Agent of Mass Destruction’ – Ourselves !

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