– WHY IS THIS CHARITIES – ‘Brochures’ “BEING REFUSED IN 2007” – STILL ‘SAME’ IN – “2014…!” – WHY IS THIS CHARITIES – ‘Brochures’ “BEING REFUSED IN 2007” – STILL ‘SAME’ IN – “2014…!”

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Charity –

SONGBIRD-SURVIVAL.ORG.UK – The Charity Are ‘Not’ Being Allowed to Display – Their ‘one’ Leaflet in City of London Libraries…? – 2007 December 18th

When Alone The RSPB Are ‘Always’ – Being Able And Permitted To Display ALL ‘Their’ books, cards, leaflets, games, brochures, videos. Etc, etc!

“May We Ask ‘Why’ – SongBird Survival – ‘Is’ Being -Refused…?”

Said from –

2007 December 18: SongBird Survival – Policy Director, Keith McDougall –
To – David Bradbury Director Libraries, Archives & Guildhall Art Gallery.

I simply want to emphasize to you that SongBird Survival is not a political organisation in the sense you imply.

“We are a conservation charity engaged in serious research on the subject of the preservation and enhancement of songbird populations in cities and the countryside.”

“We Are Involved In Research ( Funded By Our Charity ) With The British Trust for Ornithology And The Center For Agri-Environmental Research” – At the esteemed University of Reading.

This work is important and on-going. Should this research and our existing scientific data conflict with current legislation then, naturally, we would and do pursue an agenda to have flawed legislation changed.

We would not consider this offensive ( your expression ), illegal ( certainly not ), or commercial ( which would conflict with our charitable status. )

We are frankly, surprised if your library policies avoid viewpoints based on facts and important conservation issues which affect all citizens and age groups. We enclose a copy of recent newsletter and we hope you might consider displaying this in your reading sections or periodicals.
More copies can be supplied quarterly should you so wish. – Regards –

Photos: Stonechat=

Striking handsome dinky male with black head, wings and tail. With an Orange-red chest, mottled brown back, white sides and neck, wings and rump. Flicking out their little wings.

In Spring – Darker than Whinchats. Strong Brilliant loud calls –
Sounding more like two stones tapped together.

Help – Stonechats: Autumn seeds and berries.
Need: dense shrubs gorse to build a nest of grass, moss, lined with hair wool and feathers.
They need to inhabit Grassland and any wasteland.

Entrancing Graceful Dancing Song and Flight. Little tiny Stonechats future – ? Grim… Bleakness.

Present Numbers Are Unknown!

RSPB leave the strongest and most able adaptable mammals and avian predators to their own devices. Alone; while they continue to take the public’s money in the name of conservation!

Why does the RSPB have to have the last word, they do not accept that raptors (hawks) or corvids – magpies, crows, jays, plus herring-gulls grey-squirrels ‘Etc.’ Are to blame.

Blaming everyone but themselves. Its time policy makers at the RSPB need to accept that some form of predator control is vital. Otherwise – It is ‘Extinction.’ – For our British smaller mammals and ‘our’ Garden Songbirds…

‘‘We – Are in dire need of Garden Songbirds they eat billions of our slugs bugs moths flies spiders insect pests. Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses. We are obligated to help them in this ‘our’ plight and sublime ‘folly’ just like the bees…!”

WHY IS – The Charity SongBird Survival” – ‘Brochures’ Being Refused…? The Year – ‘2007’ – WITH ‘STILL’ THIS SAME SITUATION ? – “IN 2014…!”

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