Britain Used ‘10 Billion Plastic Bags Year 2007!’ OR 700,000 Barrels Oil! “NOW its How MANY” – ‘New Planets Needed’ By 2050…!

Britain Used ‘10 Billion Plastic Bags Year 2007!’ OR 700,000 Barrels Oil! “NOW its How MANY” – ‘New Planets Needed’ By 2050…!

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‘British Consumers Use an Estimated 10 Billion Plastic Bags A Year!’ Daily Mail: 2007 February 16th –

‘Manufactured from about 700,000 barrels of oil.’


The Facts WERE ‘Enough’ TO STUN MANY Shoppers…

2011 February: Songbirds-Slaughter; Note Nothing has changed…

NO One Headed Or – Cared? Supermarkets are wasting billions of tons of plastic. Because of us.

Cannot ‘you’ and just about everyone. Fold up and carry some ‘old’ plastic bags to reuse…?

Photos: Still In Daily Use One ‘old’ Marks & Spencer – Plastic Bag – 2010 ‘USED now For the last 45 years’

View: News ‘tweets’ – ‘SAME OLD BAG FOR 45 YEARS…’ H&H 2006 September 1st –

I’m pleased that the subject of plastic bags keeps raising its head in your Newspaper pages. Also that there is general awareness of this never – ending waste we humans keep inflicting on our planet.

I have had a Marks & Spencer plastic bag for over 45 years. And as I’ve noticed their ‘now’ environmentally-aware campaigns I wrote to the company telling them of this very old and still in service strongly made bag. The bag always receives attention in any M&S store and I always do mention its age to people who enquire trying to set a good example. I’ve also suggested (too many times) to their assistantsThat continually throw far too many new bags at everyone that they might set another ‘example in 2006′ – And make a charge for all the bags they do supply.

Having written in about this forever ‘waste’ four times to their M&S head office I’ve never received a reply. I assure readers that it is no problem to fold up flat and to carry around a few old plastic bags as an alternative to always – requiring new ones at the till. Shops should charge for them with a ‘donation’ to go to an environmental charity.
‘In lazy countries like ours we are using up billions of plastic bags every day and wasting dreadfully nearly the same amount in oil.’ Think – Care?
Jennifer Eclair, London, SW19

Photos: Skylark=

Glorious Skylarks mimic finches warblers even waders for impressive nearly all year display along with a wild powerful resonant mellifluous medley.

Skylarks amazing feat of stamina & strength song-flight while flapping so hard to lift vertically hundreds of feet up into the air singing continuously loudly.

An extended outpouring of chirruping warbles and whistling non-stop for 15 minutes or more without once drawing breathe with an irresistible energy to it that ‘lifts the heart to anyone having the sheer good luck to be insight of our NOW so rare Skylarks…’ sob sob sob… YOU should cry too. IT IS ALL OUR LOSS never for others to know or to EVER… see.

This so delightful singing from Skylarks is all pouring forth from a dark speck way up high in the sky. Hardly larger than a sparrow.

Undulating flight call distinctive rolling bubbly unlike any other British bird. Raised stripy head crest. Females sing quietly. Now another mostly lost of our greatest of singers.

Ground shallow nest. Brood 1; 2?

Numbers Plummeted 1970s. Villainous and so Vile. What? JUST What Has been Done to HELP them?

Help Skylarks: Undisturbed areas in grassland and crops are now so difficult for Skylarks to find for their nests. Need cereal seeds. Insects.

Late-sown crops become too tall to nest in… Pesticides kill their insect ‘food.’ Predation ‘killing’ by hawks grey-squirrels foxes magpies.” Etc; etc! – ‘HELP’ please – ?

2006 October 25 Independent: ‘New Planets Needed’-  By 2050 –

The Human Race IS Consuming the Earth’s natural resources so fast we will need at least two planets worth by 2050 wildlife campaigners are warning. In Britain each person uses the equivalent of six football pitches of resources to support the way they live, the WWF’s Living Planet Report revealed.

The report indicates that the world’s ecological footprint- the demand people place upon the natural world- has more than tripled since 1961 and that rising carbon dioxide emissions are the biggest cause of human ecological impact on the planet.

Britain has risen from 15th to 14th place in the worlds ecological footprint  league table since 2004, WWF director  of campaigns Paul King said: ‘We urgently have to face up to the fact that we are running up a serious ecological debt and that we cannot continue to exhaust natural reserves without putting something back.’ “It’s time to make some vital choices.” Mrs Beckett said in Germany:

When it comes to our inaction on climate change out generation is in danger of global irresponsibility on a massive scale.” She used her address to foreign policy experts at the British Embassy in Berlin to call on Germany to use its forthcoming presidencies of the EU and G8-group of industrial nations to speed up progress on the problem.

PLASTIC “The Energy Embodied IN These BAGS – IS The EQUIVALENT OF ‘DRIVING MORE THAN A BILLION’ KILOMETRES” Britain USED ‘10 Billion Plastic Bags Year 2007!’ – OR 700,000 Barrels Oil! – NOW its How MANY ‘NEW Planets Needed’ – By 2050…

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