Great Tit – “One of our Remarkable Vocalists” – ‘18 Different Variations!’

Great Tit – “One of our Remarkable Vocalists” – ‘18 Different Variations!’

Written by songbirdsuk

Topics: Garden Bird tweets, Your Lost Birds – & RSPB

Great Tit=

“One of our most remarkable vocalists knowing ‘18 Different Variations.’
Which get quite complicated.”

Many new inventions creep in and replace old ones.

Sung from the tallest of tree tops that they can find.
Smart sleek and as acrobatic as Blue Tits.

Male offers choice of several nest-sites in tree-holes as well as nestboxes. Female takes over 20 days to build their nest. Brood 1; 2?

Help Great Tits: Wide variety winter nuts seeds – Quality peanut mixtures. Sunflower hearts fat balls – Well cut-up kitchen scraps.
Autumn fruit berries.

Summer: Insects spiders. Chicks need protein rich mealworms.
Great Tit – Present Numbers – Unknown…

Foraging on ground – Great Tit parents and chicks fall victim to – Killing Predators. Along with ‘Parakeets’ displacing –
Cats, Magpies, Sparrowhawks,
 Grey-Squirrels, Crows, Jays, Herring-gulls, Red-kites; Etc…

Or never experience again – ‘The Dawn Chorus’ –  When we could spend time at sunrise in parks squares woodland and all open areas.
‘Springtime when everyone heard and experienced one of the marvels of the natural world’ –

“First one and then another bird would start to sing and gradually more and more songbirds would all join in until the air was filled with a cacophony of sound.” – A Phenomenal Fantastic Soundscape of Natural Beauty.

“Most birds do not sing in the winter time. They concentrate their energies on the daily battle to find enough food in the day to fuel them the following night then it will survive.” – ‘If not then they will starve before dawn.’

‘We started this site with true sadness and passion to try and help towards – Saving tragically the dying off of ‘our’ Songbirds!’ –

“In my lifetime I’ve become sick of Forever Hearing – ‘You don’t see them like you used to’ – Whenever the dire lack of Songbirds and Sparrows
Are mentioned. Help – Join only grass root charities –

Albert Einstein – ‘Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.’

“Species Becoming Extinct 1,000 times Natural rate…” World Population 2billion 1960: – 6.8billion 2010: – 10.9billion by 2050! – Hell on Earth?

Great Tit – “One of our Most Remarkable Vocalists singing 18 Different Variations” – Great Tit Parents & Chicks Fall Victim to ‘Killing!’

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