“Enjoy Beauty Soundscape of ‘Songbirds’ – Melodious rich remarkable genial dulcet merry warbles high-trills & twitters…”

“Enjoy Beauty Soundscape of ‘Songbirds’ – Melodious rich remarkable genial dulcet merry warbles high-trills & twitters…”

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“GOING FOR A SONG” – 2006 August 21:

Every year we hear about the growing plight of Britain’s ‘Songbird’ population (Metro Fri).

“The people responsible for so many songbirds being ‘decimated’ in the country are those idiots at council recreation departments.”

Every summer they get their shears mowers and hedge trimmers out and take away literally in one stroke the cover these songbirds need, and then leaving them at the mercy of cats, sparrowhawks, rats, stoats, magpies, badgers, fox and of cause people.
‘Why doesn’t someone tell them not to do it until autumn…?’

 – J Sutton, Birmingham

Photos: Swallow – Epitome of Summer.

‘Swallows ceaseless agile graceful flight spending most of their time on the wing.’

Effortless twisting turning searching for insect food.

“Glossy blue backs deep red throats faces. Swept-back wings with distinctive long forked tail streamers.”

‘Belief is Swallows bring good fortune particularly if they nest on your house.’

Help Swallows:

Under roof nesting ledges. Beams in sheds and barns. Nests are often built low down.
Soft mud and available nesting material.
Brood 1; 2?

Repellent UK Bleakness. Swallows Are ON ‘Amber’ ? IF, You Believe It ‘Really’ List ?

Enjoy the beauty and soundscape of Songbirds –
“Singing long genial merry warbles of high trills rattles croaks and twitters.”

Their help that we humans need in clearing up billions of aphids insects slugs bugs creepy crawlies – ‘we dont want.’ All without our own – Pellets and Reverting to – ‘Spraying’ pesticides…

News – 2006 Winter: ‘Letters Criticising the RSPB and Government Departments About The Magpie Controversy Do Not Go Far Enough.’
By Paul Roberts

In the eighties, the then Department of the Environment negligently allowed the European Commission – To put magpies on the list of protected species of birds. ‘Though this was then rethought and has since ‘so long ago’ now been changed.’

“This was particularly galling in view of the permitted massacre of migrating birds in Italy and other Mediterranean countries.”

‘The RSPB is naive to say that magpies have only increased by 100% in the last 30 years.’ – If the comparison is made with the thirties the increase is many thousand per cent. At that time magpies were a rarity and even in the country many people had never seen one.

The relative rarity was said to be due to the efforts of gamekeepers. Who knew very well about the egg stealing habits and eating of garden birds chicks by magpies and so rightly regarded them as a pest.
 – Paul Roberts, Camberley, Surrey.

“Enjoy Beauty And – Soundscape of ‘Garden Songbirds’ – Melodious rich remarkable dulcet genial merry warbles high-trills & twitters…!”

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