Woodland Birds Decline – Down by 75 per cent… 2006 – ‘More Serious’ Than Expected – “Two in Three Songbirds Have Died !”

Woodland Birds Decline – Down by 75 per cent… 2006 – ‘More Serious’ Than Expected – “Two in Three Songbirds Have Died !”

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Decline Woodland Birds – ‘More Serious’ Than Expected! – Two in Three Songbirds Have Disappeared. 2006 March 21 – Metro:

“Many of Britain’s favourite woodland songbird species are in steep decline.”
The most extensive poll for 20 years has found.

Numbers of tree pipits and spotted flycatchers are down by 75 per cent in some areas. ‘Largely due to changes in climate and landscape.’? – We question this.

Of the 34 species checked eight decreased by more than 25 per cent in four years. While 11 showed increases above 25 per cent.

Rob Fuller of the – ‘Repeat Woodland Bird Survey’ said –
‘The declines were more serious than we were expecting.’

Photos: House Martin

They build nests entirely constructed of mud which are plastered to the walls under the eaves of house any suitable shed or barns.

Glossy metallic blue-black upper parts pure-white neck chest underparts distinctive white rump patch. With shorter forked tail and white feathered feet with tiny legs.

‘House Martins rarely come to ground only for nesting material and to drink will they touch down.’

Their time is all spent all on the wing collecting aerial insects. ‘Their Present Numbers Are Unknown…?’
“Mud-cup nest mixed with grass and feathers under eaves of bridges and church roofs frequently used for several years.”

Protecting Nesting Songbirds: Main purpose of a nest is to protect its contents. Fragile eggs need protection from breakage and warmth to develop properly. Hidden as best as they can from predators and bad weather.
‘Nests vary enormously in the complexity of their construction and range of sites selected.’

‘Building a nest appears to be an instinctive activity. It is powerful urge which is brought on by raised levels of blood hormones in response to increasing day length in spring.’ Catch a glimpse of these beautiful flyers soaring through the skies while you can.

“Rasping chattering song twitters similar to swallow continuous on the wing with conversational undertones after settling into roost.”

“An amazing amount of strength and character flying long treacherous routes from – Africa’s South Sahara Desert – To Britain and then back home again.” This is what the House Martin accomplishes every summer throughout their short life.

“IF – We Are To Help Songbirds Survive Let Alone Be Able To Increase Their Numbers.
It Is About Time Policy Makers At the RSPB Take Off Their Own 1954′ – Protection Of – ‘Unrestricted’-Birds-Of-Prey.” –
Their beloved sparrowhawks.

“Raptor Numbers Since THEN – “1954 ! Have Dramatically Increased.” –  
 Really – Mankind It’s Time to Start Being Realistic.

Along with Wildlife Hospitals re-releasing back healthily into the wild forever more predators and scavengers.

The – ‘Magpies, grey-squirrels, herring-gulls, red-kites, sparrowhawks, fox.’ Etc…

That All EAT – Garden ‘SONGBIRDS!’ – “This against the number of our more delicate Songbirds and smaller mammals bought into them.” That die…

Were in dire need of Garden Birds – They consume billions of our unwanted slug bug creepy crawly insect pests. Accepting some form of control is vital.

“Their prey of Sparrows and Songbirds has collapsed and its these more delicate species that desperately need our protection!”

‘Sensible’ culling of the too many predators scavengers which are all catching killing songbirds from magpies cats grey-squirrels crows sparrowhawks herring-gulls parakeets rats jays. Etc.

Predators cull everything else that their own numbers need to be culled. “IF – We are to help Songbirds survive let alone increase their numbers.

Its time policy makers at the RSPB take off their 1954′ – protection of – ‘unrestricted’-birds-of-prey.” – Their beloved sparrowhawks.

“To Accept Anything Else As Normal ‘NATURE’ Is Delusional. – British ‘Wildlife’ Has Been Permanently Allowed To Become Only Predators And Scavengers!”

‘Two in Three Songbirds Have Died!’ – ‘More Serious’ Than Expected ! “Decline OF Woodland Birds – Dead By 75%” – It Is Now ‘VERY’ Serious Indeed… 2006…

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