“Little Brown Sparrows Are Doomed” 2003 – No Wonder the Sparrow IS Disappearing ! – ‘Culls’ Best Way of Protecting Species…

“Little Brown Sparrows Are Doomed” 2003 – No Wonder the Sparrow IS Disappearing ! – ‘Culls’ Best Way of Protecting Species…

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Photos: Dartford Warbler –

UK resident ‘our’ long-tailed Dartford Warbler.
Bobbing amongst bushes perched singing on gorse stems.

Song high clear rich like the Cetti’s with a liquid dancing display flight.

‘Numbers crashed to a few pairs in the 1960s.’ Odious absence.

The ‘Amber’ Again List ? – “Spare our Common Sence.” 2005 March 30th.

“When Really Was – ‘The Dartford Warbler’ LAST – Listed?”

View News: Financial Times 2003 –

The Little Brown Birds Appear Doomed. By Nick Forde

‘No Wonder the Sparrow is Disappearing.’

Steve Killick is right when he says humans are to blame for what has happened but he then goes on to attribute it to modern building techniques, garden makeovers, unleaded petrol and farming practices.

‘This feeble catalogue would be laughable if it was not that being propagated by the RSPB.’

My own observations and experience are rather different. Ten years ago my London garden had wrens, robins and blackbirds nesting in it. Today it is silent, yet there is no shortage of seeds or insects and I have put up feeders and nesting boxes.
The environment is now far too hostile to sustain small birds. Any nesting sites are easily accessible to grey squirrels, cats prowl continuously and the monoculture of carrion crows on Clapham Common has spread to local streets.

I have watched sparrowhawks wipe out the blackbirds. I also have a rented garden in Norfolk with more songbirds, but the bird table there has turned into a breakfast table for these birds of prey.

The size, urbanization of this small island has long dictated that our biodiversity can only be maintained by a man-aged environment but this is increasingly not the case. We are returning to the survival of the fittest.
In order to survive these days a species must be cuddly, glamorous, large, aggressive or televisual.

Humans are indeed to blame because of their sentimentality, anthropomorphism, Disneyfication, political correctness and plain ignorance.’

To the RSPB ‘cull’ is a four- letter word that might offend their animal rights supporters.

Paradoxically, if this was conducted humanely to control pests it would be one of the best ways of protecting some species.

The direction of our culture will not change, so sadly little brown birds such as the sparrow are doomed.

Financial Times 2003 – By Nick Forde.

Mark Field MP Cities of London and Westminster. 2005 March 8:

It was very good of you to write in such detail about the demise of the songbirds.

As I am aware that there is much in the news at the moment about the fall in numbers of many of our species of wild birds, which should be of great concern to us all. Though I recognise your particular interest lies in the birds in our parks and squares in central London.
I will now write to the Minister for Nature Conversation on your behalf and will get in touch with you again as soon as I receive a response from him. Thank you again for taking the trouble to pursue this matter with me.

Songbirds-Slaughter; Nothing achieved. Result – Negative…! – 2010 June.

“Little Brown Sparrows Are Doomed” 2003 – No Wonder the Sparrow IS Disappearing! – ‘Culls’ Best Way of Protecting these Species…

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