Garden Songbirds “FOR GREATER GOOD” – ‘Cull Birds of Prey’ 2003 ! “Prey Numbers Have Increased Tenfold” ‘CULL NEEDED’ NOW 2014 !

Garden Songbirds “FOR GREATER GOOD” – ‘Cull Birds of Prey’ 2003 ! “Prey Numbers Have Increased Tenfold” ‘CULL NEEDED’ NOW 2014 !

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‘CULL NEEDED FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL BIRDS.’ –  Belfast Telegraph: 2003 August:
I read with interest Mr Martins letter and was impressed with the factual manner in which he made his point.

‘It is a pity he did not mention the large increase in ‘magpies’ and hooded ‘crows’ everywhere. They have increased tenfold in recent years causing devastation amongst song and wading birds.’ Dr James Robinson’s (RSPB) answering letter shows a complete lack of understanding.

Birds of prey are at the top end of the bird ladder and in order to sustain them a healthy and viable population of song and other birds must exist.

“To artificially encourage and try to justify large numbers of raptors (hawks) when a prey species in under pressure is extremely bad management.”

The countryside has been man managed by landowners for generations, a fact the RSPB should grasp and accept the necessity to cull certain species of birds at selected times for the greater good of all Garden Songbirds and Sparrows.

“The Day The RSPB Starts Protecting Songbirds Is The Day I Return To Its membership – 
But, It spends Its Millions On Rearing Sea Kites, Sea Eagles, Peregrines, Goshawks, Sparrowhawks, Buzzards.” – ‘Etc.’

Photos: Goldfinch

Delicate Sociable Little Goldfinch Has Beauty Charm In Abundance.

‘Almost tropical in appearance along with a dancing flight.’ Extracts seeds from teasels with their long fine bill. Weighs the same as 20 p coin.

Delightful liquid tinkling twittering song and calls.

“Because of their colourful plumage and enchanting singing.” Humans again once caged.

Dismally Britain – Goldfinch – On BTO – Medium Alert !
“Which Year Was This BTO…?”

‘Hateful untruths.’ No one knows – Present Numbers Are Unknown – ?

View: 80 Euros buys You Songbird ‘Snack!’ Restaurants 50Million Euros Year! Black Market Thrives – ‘Trappers Push Birds Closer to Extinction!’


‘Magpies’ and Hooded Crows’ – “Their Numbers Have Increased Tenfold.” Cull (at very long last) – All Birds of Prey.

Criminally Songbirds are all mostly going down in numbers – “Heading For Extinction ! – Disgusting Apathy.” So Few survive their first winter. ‘Were in dire need of Garden Birds they consume billions of our unwanted slug, bug, creepy crawly aphid insect pests.’ – “Cleaning our soil of all trash viruses.”

View News: Daily Mail 2010 March: ‘Don’t Prey On Songbirds.’ – By W Cowell. Wincanton, Somerton.

The RSPB’s Mark Avery professes to be a bird lover, but wants people to love the sparrowhawk, the biggest butcher of songbirds. Perhaps he like’s seeing a sparrowhawk eat a songbird, which takes half an hour to die as it is gradually eaten away.
The hawk holds it down with its talons while eating the flesh and the prey can’t get free.

I’ve seen it for too many years and far too often from my windows.

“Why Does The RSPB ‘Not’ Protect OUR GARDEN Songbirds? – As It Does THEIR Sparrowhawks And ALL Other Birds Of Prey?…?” 

Songbird populations are down by as much as 90 per cent, while every bird of prey species is at the highest known levels since numbers were recorded with the possible exception of the kestrel. – “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…”

The RSPB Took The Parakeet Off The Protected List – ‘because it was damaging crops.’

“Or was it because they discovered it could take the leg off a sparrowhawk with its nut-cracking beak when attacked ?”

‘The Day The RSPB Starts Protecting Songbirds Is The Day I Return To Its membership.
But, It spends Its Millions On Rearing Sea Kites, Sea Eagles, Peregrines, Goshawks, Sparrowhawks, Buzzards. Etc.’

“We see TV coverage of pick-up trucks loaded with poultry offal being shovelled out daily to feed kites, which would die if they weren’t fed because there isn’t enough carrion in nature to sustain their numbers.”

Peregrines are brought into cities to nest in custom-built boxes on high rise buildings because there aren’t enough natural coastal cliff’s to house their needs. Goshawks are brought to farming locations, near chicken and pheasant-rearing farms, to provide food for their young.

The almost ‘extinct’ corncrake breeding Island of Islay was purchased for the RSPB, but after daily disturbances by the charities staff, the birds decamped elsewhere.

Sea Eagles failed when brought to Mull, so now they are being brought to Suffolk.

“They tried Norfolk, but farmers threatened to shoot the lot for their lamb-killing habits.” Lapwings are now at drastically low numbers. But who cares ? Farmers do.  “SAVE OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS…”

The RSPB ? – Not Likely. Lapwings don’t have deathly long talons or hook beaks. The RSPB lobbies Parliament to have the law changed to protect predators. But ‘Songbirds?’ No Way.
 – W Cowell. Wincanton, Somerton

 ‘Cull Birds of Prey’ – FOR GREATER GOOD OF ALL OUR GARDEN SONGBIRDS ! PREY Numbers ‘2003’ – “Have Increased Tenfold !” – ‘A CULL IS NEEDED’ – NOW !

Garden Songbirds FOR GREATER GOOD OF OUR SONGBIRDS – ‘Cull Birds of Prey’ 2003 ! –  “Prey Numbers Have Increased Tenfold” – ‘CULL NEEDED’ – NOW!

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    You thought 150,000,000 feral cats was bad? In colloquial terms, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”
    There’s a reason the phrase “hunted to extinction” is so well-known in all cultures across all lands. It is the ONLY method that is faster than a species can breed and adapt to.
    By the way, look up the term these TNR advocates just LOVE to use on how they reduce their feral-cat numbers, their candy-coating feel-good term of “Death by Attrition”.

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