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News ‘tweets’

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Write: To RSPB; their ‘patron’ the Queen. Your MP’s.
To ALL Your Councils –

‘To Save Garden Songbirds?’ Before It’s All Too Late…

To Stop Their – ‘Songbirds’ Extinction! – YES ‘Really!’

Send Into us: All Songbird Data; Along with your location.

Send Into us: RSPB & ‘Wildlife’ Centre stories

Photos: Goldcrest: Tiniest Songbird Europe. Weigh 5g – 20 pence.

View: Songbirds & RSPB!

Captivating minuscule precious flitting restlessly hanging upside down from branches – Our charming petite Goldcrest.

Female yellow crest male has an orange one. Tiny needle-like bill.

“Goldcrest twittering ends with a flourish and their high-pitched frequency group call is above which we can perceive.”

Builds suspended nest compact type cup-shaped rounded hammock. Of moss lichen spiders webs in fork of twigs at the end of a conifer branch.

Help Goldcrests and Firecrests – Grow bushes plants ivy – For small insects grubs caterpillars, etc.

Goldcrest – “‘Songbird 5g Tiniest Europe! High-frequency call above that we can perceive!” Present Day? ‘Numbers Unknown.’

Many adults today have never seen a Songbird let alone children and really don’t know asking “What is a Songbird…!” 

Predation ‘killing’ is tragically a major problem for Songbirds in Britain. And –
Throughout the world.

“Garden Songbirds cannot fight back! – Destined to become extinct…?”

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