Criticising RSPB ‘1996’ RSPB Are Driven by Sentiment – ‘Not Science!’ “Let Facts Determine Outcome…”

Criticising RSPB ‘1996’ RSPB Are Driven by Sentiment – ‘Not Science!’ “Let Facts Determine Outcome…”

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VIEWS ON THE RSPBThe Field September 1996: By W Newlands –

Chief executive of the RSPB Barbara Young gave a fulsome response (letters April issue) to my article criticising the RSPB for being increasingly driven by sentiment rather than science. My case is amply proven by a statement in her reply:

‘We hope soon to demonstrate scientifically that illegal persecution is limiting the population size and the range of protected species.’

Good science does not consist of coming to the conclusion first and then attempting to demonstrate it to be true.
Rather one starts with an open mind and lets the facts determine the outcome. Otherwise one is indeed putting sentiment before science.

1996 September – W Newlands, London

Photos: Pied Flycatcher

Our beautiful fly catching striking little golden black and white Pied Flycatchers. Bold white patch on forehead white-edged tail black upperparts. Large white patch on wings.

Black bill legs darting about tree canopy. Songster a sweet touching warble.

Their ‘‘Numbers are fragile…!” Brood; 1.

“Population decreased 30%!” Last 25 years DEAD – 60%! Forever the same UK – ‘Stinking Sinful’ – Thoughtless Incompetance…
Q: WHAT Changes RSPB? Why – ‘Dont their members ask them?’

Help Pied Flycatchers: Chicks need high protein diet. Insectivorous – Mainly Insects. Caterpillars flies bees beetles woodlice millipedes ants most insects.
Autumn seeds fruit currants. Nestbox on trees and needs uses holes in trees.

Dead or any ‘one’ alive! Amber-list! – “species of conservation concern…” Q: Pied Flycatchers – ‘Concern’ TO ‘WHO’ EXACTLY?
‘Amber’ Utter Deceit! And WE – DISPUTE – Pied Flycatcher – Nearly All Are Already – RED ‘Dead…!’

‘In Britain we used to see so many migrant species whose numbers are dreadfully declining – Swifts Swallows House Martins along with so many others.’

Which arrived in Britain in early summer to breed here then travelling the thousands of miles at the end of summer to over winter back in Africa.

In Late Autumn Other Birds Such As – Fieldfares And Redwings – Arrive Here In Britain In Search Of Food Escaping The Harsh Winters In Their Native Scandinavia Then Returning Home In The Spring To Breed.

Many seabirds and wildfowl are migrants. The Artic Tern is truly the king of all migrant birds. They fly from the polar Arctic and back again each year covering a staggering 36,000 kilometres during the round trip the majority of which will be over the sea.

“Some Arctic Terns never see the sunset: They spend the summer in continuous daylight and then fly to the other end of the world where the sun is also constantly above the horizon.”

On leaving the breeding grounds the birds travel in flocks and do not simply head south in a straight line. Their routes are more complex and take advantage of prevailing winds and good feeding areas along the way.

Some breeding pairs are seen here during the summer around the coast in Scotland and its islands. Ireland and north Wales.

“How do they do it? How does a Songbird our ‘Garden Birds’ weighing only a few grammes manage to navigate such huge distances?” There really is no single answer.
It would appear that birds use a number of different strategies.

‘Though Its Unlikely That They Rely On Just One Method Of Direction Finding.’

Criticising the RSPB ‘1996’ When They Are Driven by Sentiment – “Not Science!” – ‘Let the Facts Determine the Outcome.’ – ONLY…!

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    Making your land 100% cat-free is something that cat advocates haven’t been able to solve nation-wide for 30-40 years. On my land only 1 person in only 2 seasons was able to accomplish what they couldn’t attain in decades. Why is that? It’s also been over a year since, guess how many replaced them. NONE. Another flat-out TNR LIE, their “vacuum effect”.

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